Could the Boston Celtics Be a Potential Landing Spot for Buddy Hield?

The Sacramento Kings are seeking draft compensation in a potential Buddy Hield trade, according to Ian Begley. Hield, who is a bright spot on the Kings’ roster, is under contract through 2023-24.

Buddy Hield, 27, would help any team immediately. With his ability to score the ball and shoot at an efficient rate, he’d be an ideal two-guard to any team. That being said, would the Boston Celtics be willing to trade for Hield?

Buddy Hield was selected a few spots after Jaylen Brown in the 2016 Draft. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t high on Hield that year. I really wanted him in Boston. Obviously, everything worked out, but now Danny Ainge could possibly have both on the same team.

The Boston Celtics have a trade exception from Charlotte and plenty of picks they could use. Both of these things can get a trade done, plus or minus throwing in a few filler players. The way the Kings are run, it wouldn’t shock me if they traded him for a just a first-round pick.

Seriously though, Buddy Hield would be a killer in Boston. When Hayward signed with Charlotte, he left 17 points a game on the table. Buddy Hield can come in and give Boston 19, maybe 20 points a game. Especially if Kemba Walker’s out throughout the season, Hield would be a fantastic addition to Boston’s roster.

There are no ties between the two teams. This is just pure speculation and wishful thinking. I don’t think it’s crazy to think the Celtics could acquire Buddy Hield; I just don’t think it’s come across their mind. The fact of the matter is that if Danny Ainge wanted Buddy Hield, he’d get him.

Do Celtics fans want Buddy Hield in Boston?

Photo: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

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