Is Tristan Thompson the Missing Piece That’ll Take Boston to the Next Level?

Earlier today, Tristan Thompson met with Boston media for the first time since joining the Boston Celtics. After watching the videos and hearing the things he said about Boston and his new teammates, I’m pumped that we got Thompson in a Celtics jersey.

Listening to how Thompson praised his teammates and the Celtics organization reminded me how great of a fit he will be on this team. Thompson is in Boston to help the city raise another banner. He knows what he brings to the table and wants to be the difference-maker to take this team to the next level.

“Playing against (the Celtics), you guys saw me enough to see how I play, and I’m going to play the exact same way,” said Thompson. “When I was a Cleveland Cavalier, playing against you guys in the regular season or postseason, I’m going to bring the same grittiness and toughness.”

I never even thought of this, but Thompson hasn’t played basketball since March. The Celtics last played at the end of September. Having a well-rested Thompson will be perfect for this team, who barely had any time to get ready for the new season. He’ll be prepared to come out and play harder than any big man that opposes him.

“I think my energy is going to ignite the team, and that’s what he was saying to me,” Thompson mentioned about his conversation with Brad Stevens. “That I’ve gotta be the motor that jump-starts the team to get going. I’ve always had that role and I’ve been like that since day one. So coming in, I want to play harder than the bigs that I’m going against. Whoever I’m playing against, play harder than them and that’s contagious.”

Another thing he said, and this will excite any Boston fan, is that he wants to be like Marcus Smart but at the big man position.

Thompson went on to praise the young talent on the team, including Jayson Tatum. Since Tatum’s rookie year, Thompson has seen the “oozing potential” that Tatum has. He believes Tatum has what it takes to be in the MVP conversation, and last season proved it.

Having a veteran like Tristan Thompson around is going to be spectacular. He hasn’t even put on a Celtics jersey yet and I already know how great he’s going to be for this team. The Celtics needed “older” vets like Jeff Teague and Thompson to teach the young guys and hopefully get this team over the hump.

Is Tristan Thompson the missing piece that Boston’s needed to take them to the next level? Time will tell, but I know that he will make a major impact on this team, both on and off the court. Boston is going to love Thompson, and I pray that he is indeed the missing piece.

“So when free agency started, Mr. Ainge called me, Brown was able to (call me) and he told me about how much he loves my game and how much I could be a great piece to this team and (the) missing piece to what they’re trying to accomplish.”

Photo: Twitter/@ByJayKing

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