Boston Celtics Free Agency Targets: Kyle Korver

Now that free agency has begun, I figured it was only right to talk about a few free agents that I think the Boston Celtics should target. The Celtics will be limited with the amount of money they have to work with, but there will still be a handful of cheap players they can add to the team that will make an impact right away.

One player that the Celtics should take a look at to fill out their roster is Kyle Korver. At 39 years old, Korver is still one of the greatest outside threats the league has to offer. It doesn’t matter if he’s 39 or 49; Korver still brings value to a team because of his efficient shooting.

Kyle Korver has definitely slowed down the last few years, but he doesn’t offer much else besides shooting and experience. Korver shot nearly 42% from three last season while only averaging 6.7 points and 1.8 rebounds per game. In his 16 minutes of playing time, he still found a way to get four three-pointers off.

Shooting the ball is all the Celtics would ask for from Korver. He doesn’t need to go out there and give Boston 10-15 bench points. All they need is someone who can come in and hit a few threes when the team needs them. Kyle Korver is that someone.

Korver will have plenty of teams trying to sign him this offseason. It’s safe to assume that he’s going to look to sign with a contender at this point in his career. If Boston reaches out to Korver, I hope he sees them as a place where he can finish out his career.

Photo: Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

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