What is Free Agency Going to Look Like for the Boston Celtics?

After the NBA Draft concluded last night, Danny Ainge answered a few media questions, including one from Brian Scalabrine. Scal asked Danny what his plans were for this offseason after drafting two shooters that the Celtics have desperately been looking for. Ainge didn’t have to think much about his answer.

I agree with what that Danny Ainge says here. If he hadn’t drafted two talented scorers last night, I would say shooting would be the number one priority for the Celtics. But now that the Celtics have that covered, they should focus on filling out the bench then adding another big man to the roster.

The Celtics certainly do need an upgrade at center, but at the same time, that shouldn’t be their biggest worry. The Celtics had a top-5 ranked defense last season, and I’m sure they’re fine heading into next season with what they already have. Unless Hayward is involved, I can’t imagine Boston making a trade for a starting center.

The Celtics can go out into free agency and try to target a big man. Some names that’ll be available include Serge Ibaka, Christian Wood, and Aron Baynes. Personally, I’d want nothing more than All of Australia making a return to Boston, but I can’t get my hopes up. They could also go after cheaper options like Tristan Thompson, Marc Gasol, or Derrick Favors.

Whether it’s a big man, a wing, or a guard, Boston needs to add some veterans that have been in the NBA for years and bring a ton of experience to the team. Players like Rajon Rondo, Paul Millsap, or Dwight Howard would do the trick.

Danny Ainge will have his hands full once free agency begins tomorrow. Ainge has a plan and definitely has a handful of players in mind that he’d love to bring to Boston; we’ll just have to see if it all works out. I’d love the Celtics to go after players like Rondo, Baynes, Gasol, and Howard, but who knows if Boston will even take a look at one of them.

I think Danny Ainge will ultimately do what’s best for the team, but I pray the roster looks slightly different on opening night than it does right now.

Photo: David L Ryan/Globe Staff

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