Boston Celtics Draft Targets: Tyrese Maxey

The Boston Celtics are going to have a busy night ahead of them. Whether Danny Ainge moves up in the draft or trades Gordon Hayward, something’s going to happen. Or, it could be like every other year, and the Celtics make zero moves and use all their draft picks. That would be a nightmare, but if I’ve learned one thing as a Celtics fan, it’s never to get your hopes up.

That being said, there’s still a prospect that I wish the Celtics can draft, whether it’s by moving up or staying where they are. Tyrese Maxey would be the immediate solution to Boston’s bench and scoring problems.

Maxey ended his freshman year at Kentucky averaging 14 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 3.2 assists a game on 43/29 shooting splits. The shooting splits don’t look sexy but don’t let it fool you, this kid can ball.

Maxey can create his own shot at ease and is a reliable catch-and-shoot option. Maxey dribbles low to the ground and uses that to his advantage to speed past his opponents and get to the rim.

Maxey is phenomenal at driving and finishing and is very creative around the rim. His floater game is solid, he has excellent ball control, and has the ability to stop on a dime and post a hook shot or a floater. The important thing is he can create his own shot and can take control of a game when he needs to.

Having a scorer like Maxey coming off the bench is exactly what Boston needs. Whenever the team needs a spark off the bench or a quick bucket, Maxey is your guy. Maxey is really what Boston fans hoped Carsen Edwards would be. He can score, pass, rebound; whatever you need from him, he’ll do it. He’ll have a bigger opportunity to do these things, especially if Gordon Hayward isn’t back in Boston next season.

Not for nothing, Maxey played at Kentucky and under coach John Calipari. He’s gained valuable experience playing for a big-named, competitive school like Kentucky and learning from one of the best college coaches ever.

If Tyrese Maxey is there at #14, the Celtics can’t think twice and must take him. I don’t think he’ll slip that far, which is why moving up in the draft may be the smart move, but he still might fall, who knows. All I know is the Celtics can’t miss out on drafting a scoring guard like they did last year with Tyler Herro.

Whether the Celtics draft him at #14 or trade up to snag him, Tyrese Maxey would be a great fit in Boston. He’d be the solution to a handful of problems because of his shot-creating skillset and ability to score with ease. Off the bench, he’d be a monster in Boston.

Photo: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

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