Jalen Rose Believes the Boston Celtics Have a Legit Chance to Upset the Milwaukee Bucks

Jalen Rose went on ESPN’s “Get Up” on Wednesday and gave his thoughts on which teams could make a legitimate run at a championship in the Orlando bubble. Back in June, Jalen Rose chose the Boston Celtics to win the Eastern Conference, and he’s now saying people should not sleep on Boston making a legit run to win the NBA championship.

“They have multiple players that can dribble, pass and shoot. Jayson Tatum is emerging as a superstar in this game. Jaylen Brown is basically averaging 20 points, an amazing two-way player. I’m watching those two guys, however,” Rose said. “If Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward can stay healthy, the Boston Celtics have a legit chance to upset the Milwaukee Bucks. When these two teams match up, nobody can stop the Greek Freak anyway, but these guys have multiple guys that can put up 20 points on a given night and be a problem for any team in the league.”

Jalen Rose is very high on this Celtics team that currently sits third place in the Eastern Conference and have the fifth-best record in the NBA. The only concern for him, which should be a concern for all Celtics fans, is injuries.

Boston has dealt with a handful of injuries all year long. I sound like a broken record when I keep mentioning this in my articles, but the core five of Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, and Marcus Smart were only active together for 13 out of the 64 games Boston played this season.

This team is no stranger to injuries, but have still found a way to finish the regular season (before it was suspended) with a 43-21 record. Although they were able to have a successful regular season, they can only make it so far in the postseason with an injury-riddled roster.

They’re going to need everybody back and healthy if they want to make a serious run at a title. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown can only do so much on their own, and it’s improbable that they can make it to the NBA Finals without Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward alongside them. Can it happen? Of course, but the chances would be slim against teams like Toronto and Milwaukee.

With a fully healthy lineup, the Boston Celtics can stand toe-to-toe with any team in the league and can beat any team in a seven-game series.

Photo: Michael Dwyer Credit: AP

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