Can Carsen Edwards Be an X-Factor for the Boston Celtics Bench When the Season Comes Back?

Carsen Edwards is a player Boston fans would have loved to have seen have better performances throughout the season. The rookie from Purdue absolutely lit it up in college, and some considered him one of the biggest steals of the draft when he fell to Boston in the second round.

His numbers this season have been quite disappointing, considering he could’ve been a player that made a significant impact off the bench for Boston. This season, he averaged 3 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 0.6 assists while shooting 33 percent from the field and 31 percent from three. Fans had reasonably high expectations for someone who had a historic run during the NCAA tournament.

Edwards set an individual record for most three-pointers made in a single NCAA tournament with 28. Edwards scored the most points (139) through four games in the history of the NCAA tournament. Just to add to his list of accomplishments, he is also the only player in tournament history to make nine or more three-pointers in multiple games.

I think you’re starting to understand how lethal Carsen Edwards was in college, so it’s no surprise the Celtics wanted him on their team. After dropping eight three-pointers in a single quarter against the Cavs during the preseason, the expectations for Edwards grew even larger. Unfortunately, the expectations were far too high because he never lived up to that performance again.

The great thing about the NBA bubble is that teams will be playing in front of no fans. No fans mean there are no distractions, and no distractions mean that players who typically don’t have stand-out performances have the opportunity to do just that. Carsen Edwards can be one of those players.

With no added pressure of home or away crowds and playing in an empty gym, Edwards can find himself playing like he was in the NCAA tournament during his college career. I’m not saying he’ll be breaking any three-point records or anything like that, but he can turn into a bench player that Brad Stevens can throw in and hit a few shots for the Celtics when they need a quick bucket.

Robert Williams has said that both Carsen Edwards and Romeo Langford have looked impressive so far during the Celtics training camp in Orlando.

It would be awesome to see Carsen Edwards see a resurgence after having time off and having a disappointing rookie season. Maybe he can become the difference-maker Boston fans wanted him to be when the regular season resumes and the playoffs begin.

It’s wishful thinking, but if he looks improved in training camp, then Brad Stevens can throw some extra minutes his way, especially if Kemba Walker isn’t 100 percent healthy right away. I’ve said that Edwards just needs more time and opportunities to stand out and make an impact, so this might be his time to shine.

Photo: Ron Schwane Credit: AP

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