ESPN Giving the Boston Celtics a 5% Chance to Win the NBA Championship is Just Adding Fuel to the Fire

According to ESPN’s BPI, the Boston Celtics currently have a 5% chance of winning the NBA championship. Ahead of the Celtics are the Bucks (53%), Lakers (18%), Clippers (9%), and the Raptors (5%). The Celtics also have fifth-best odds to win it all according to Caesars Sportsbook, where they sit at +1500.

Personally, I think ESPN is giving the Milwaukee Bucks way too much of a chance here. Are the Bucks the favorites to win the Eastern Conference and one of the favorites to win it all? Of course they are, but putting them at 53 percent and giving them a 35 percent lead over the Lakers is insane.

The Lakers (18%) and Clippers (9%) should have a much higher percentage chance of winning. The Bucks have the best record in the NBA, sure, but Giannis and this squad have never made it to the Finals. They haven’t shown or proven they can even make it that far yet. This is the year they can do it, but ESPN is crazy to consider them runaway favorites to win the entire thing.

Now let’s talk about the Celtics. I love that ESPN gave them such a low percentage. I love that ESPN considers the Raptors having the same chances as Boston to win it all. This is great because all it does is just add fuel to the fire for Boston.

All season long, Boston has been slept on and has not been considered to be one of the best teams in the NBA although they have everything they need to back it up. Boston has the fifth-best record, a top-5 offense, and defense, and have a top-5 net rating. They can stand toe-to-toe with the best and have beaten the best teams in the league throughout the season. In fact, they’ve beaten every team listed ahead of them on ESPN’s list.

As much as I respect the Raptors and admire what they’ve been able to accomplish after losing their Finals MVP, I can’t see them making it past Boston in the playoffs. The only teams that I consider “better” than Boston are Milwaukee and the two teams in Los Angeles. The Celtics should have better odds of winning a championship than the Raptors.

The percentages should be: Lakers (30%), Clippers (25%), Milwaukee (20%), Boston (10%), and Raptors (5%).

There have been some analysts that have been praising Boston and saying they can not only make it out of the East but have a chance to win it all, too.

The underdog Celtics are not only the best but the scariest Celtics team there is. When people doubt them and say they can’t beat so-and-so and can’t make it far, that’s when they’re at their best. If you’re not from Boston, you didn’t expect the Celtics to be in the position they’re in right now.

The Boston Celtics came to Orlando to win it all. In the words of Jayson Tatum, “If we’re going to go down there, we might as well try to win a championship.”

Keep sleeping on the Celtics, it’s only going to make them better.

Photo: @TheNBACentral/Twitter

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