Marcus Smart Says Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum’s Ceiling is “The Moon” and That Tatum Can Be the Best Player in the League One Day

The other day at 1:14 AM on a Monday morning, Marcus Smart decided to hold a Twitter Q&A.

Twitter had a field day with Marcus, asking him questions about the team, what motivates him, what his favorite position to guard is, and so on. He had some pretty funny and entertaining answers.

Needless to say, Smart had some fun answering these questions and gave us some more insight into who he is and what goes through his mind. The biggest question and answer that stuck out is when he was asked about the two Jays on the Celtics. He believes that both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum’s ceiling is “the moon” and says that Tatum can be the best player in the league one day.

Marcus Smart is always the guy that will talk highly of his teammates. He has a lot of love and respect for what they do because we all know they love and respect what he gives to the team on a nightly basis.

Marcus Smart is the ultimate team player and the ultimate teammate. He’s just as excited as Boston fans are to see Jaylen and Jayson continue to grow and evolve as players. The sky’s the limit for the kids, or as Marcus Smart says, their ceiling is the moon.

Photo: Michael Dwyer Credit: AP

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