Why Danny Ainge and the Celtics Should Bring Isaiah Thomas Back for the NBA Playoffs

According to Shams Charania, the NBA is allowing teams to bring up to 17 players per roster when the season starts back up on July 30 in Orlando. The NBA would usually only allow 15 players per team, but this is a season full of firsts.

Not only does this mean that teams can bring in players on two-way contracts, but teams can also sign free agents for the remainder of the season. This means that the Boston Celtics have two roster spots they can fill up. Could they use them for players like Tremont Waters and Tacko Fall? Most definitely. Could they use one of those roster spots to bring back Isaiah Thomas? Hell yeah, they can.

It’s been three long years since Isaiah Thomas was wearing Celtic green. He was traded three summers ago in a trade package that landed the Celtics Kyrie Irving, and we all know how that turned out. Isaiah Thomas has said in the past that he would be open to a return to Boston, and I speak for plenty of fans when I say that they’d love to see him back.

Here’s why I believe Danny Ainge and the Celtics should bring IT back to Boston: he deserves to be here for when the Celtics make a serious playoff run. Years ago, Isaiah Thomas was envisioned as the player to help bring Boston Banner 18. Of course, that didn’t happen back then, but that can still happen now.

Would Isaiah Thomas help lead the Celtics to Banner 18 as a starting point guard or as the leading scorer? Of course not, but he can still contribute to this team one way or another.

The Celtics will have 17 roster spots, and typically when the playoffs begin, teams go with a smaller rotation. Boston will likely be looking at a 10-man rotation, or even less when the postseason starts, but Isaiah Thomas doesn’t need to be in the rotation to make a difference.

I’ve mentioned before that if it meant returning to Boston, Thomas would be accepting of any role he’s given. I think he’d be the best locker room guy for this team, but if need be, he can also be the top scorer that the bench desperately needs.

He hasn’t played for this team, and it would be hard for him to jump right back into things. I’m not saying he would ruin the chemistry, but the team already has their lineup in place, so just throwing somebody into the rotation might mess things up.

The Celtics are equipped to make a deep playoff run this postseason, and it would only be fitting if Isaiah Thomas were apart of that. He’s been missed by Celtics fans since he was traded, and fans would be ecstatic to welcome him back to Boston. Even if it’s just for this small run, it would be great for the culture and create a buzz around the team.

Danny Ainge basically screwed Isaiah Thomas over when he traded him after sacrificing everything he had for the Celtics. Isaiah literally sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears for this team. It’s only right that Ainge brings him back when the team is on the cusp of winning a championship that Isaiah worked so hard to help us win in the past.

Danny, now might be the time to bring Isaiah home.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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