Tacko Fall Has Become a Certified Three-Point Specialist

If you were having a rough start to your Thursday and needed something to brighten your mood, look no further. Whether you were expecting it or not, Tacko Fall hitting turnaround, stepback threes is exactly what you needed to see today.

What is there that Tacko Fall can’t do?! You can’t guard him in the post. You can’t outrebound him. There is no chance anybody can block Tacko’s three-point attempts.

According to ESPN, the NBA is looking into ways that players on two-way contracts can join their teams in Orlando for when the season resumes. This is important considering players may get injured or even sick when the season starts back up.

Tacko Fall and Tremont Waters are two fan favorites in Boston who are on two-way contracts. Typically players on two-way contracts aren’t eligible to play in the postseason unless their team converts their deal to an NBA contract. The NBA is obviously open to the idea of allowing two-way players to join their teams since this is a season of firsts, anyways.

When the season starts on July 30, are we going to see Tackomania in Orlando? Right now, there isn’t a definitive answer, but I think I speak for a lot of Boston fans when I say I hope we do.

Brad Stevens won’t throw Tacko into the game and tell him to nail a few threes and call it a day, but imagine if he subbed in and started to drain three-pointers in his opponent’s face? That would be a sight to see, and I want it so bad.

Is he the best shooter on the Celtics? Just something to think about…

Photo: AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

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