Jaylen Brown Just Secured the Bag, And He Deserves It

Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics have officially agreed to a four-year, $115M contract extension. This deal takes Brown out of the free agency market for next offseason and locks him up alongside Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, and soon-to-be Jayson Tatum for years to come.

Right away, people think Danny Ainge overpaid for Jaylen. A few hours ago, Buddy Hield agreed to a four-year, $94M extension that could reach up to $106M, and people consider Hield a better player than Brown.

Let me start by saying this: Jaylen Brown was going to sign a max contract next offseason, whether it was with Boston or some other team. This deal is a bit under the max, so it saves the Celtics some money if they were to match a max contract offer next summer. It was either Ainge pays him now, or we wait to see what he gets offered next July. If Jaylen didn’t sign this extension, I believe Danny could’ve very likely traded him this upcoming season just so he wouldn’t walk for nothing.

Jaylen Brown hasn’t proved to be a $29M per year player, but this deal shows how much confidence the Celtics organization has in him. He had a down year last season, and we all know that. Now with Kyrie gone and Kemba Walker stepping in as the new Celtics point guard, Jaylen can go back to being one of the top options on the team. Also, this is the first rookie extension since Rajon Rondo. So that says something.

Remember the last time Jaylen was a top-2 option for the Celtics alongside rookie Jayson Tatum? They were one win away from making it to the NBA Finals. Brown and Tatum were once considered one of the best young duos in the NBA, but after last season, everybody seemed to have forgotten that.

In my personal opinion, Jaylen will prove to be worth all of this money after next season. I expect him to have a bounce-back year with fewer expectations and having the ability to be himself once again. Maybe it’s his haircut, but I think he’s going to come out with more motivation than ever to be the best player he can be.

And if the worst comes to the worst, this is a very tradeable contract. If Jaylen doesn’t prove he’s worth all this money and the team goes sideways, or Danny decides to make a blockbuster trade, he can be shipped off. I don’t think this will happen, but you never know with the Celtics.

I’m more than excited for this season to finally begin. There’s going to be one less storyline surrounding this team now that Jaylen signed this deal. This team is locked up for years to come and is ready to prove everybody wrong this year. The underdog Celtics are back.

Photo: Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports

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