Jaylen Brown is Looking Forward to Next Season: “Last Year, Honestly, I Can’t See It Being Any Worse Than That.”

The USA Men’s World Cup is giving the Boston Celtics a unique opportunity. With over two months until the start of the season, Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum already are working on their chemistry on Team USA. Given that Kemba is the “new guy,” it’s been great for Jayson, Jaylen, and Marcus to get to know him and to learn more about him and the type of person he is. So far, Marcus Smart seems impressed.

That being said, I think the players are looking forward to a new season. After a disastrous season, they’re looking forward to a fresh start this year with new teammates and having no high expectations. The team has made it a goal to be closer to one another and to have a positive mindset. There was a whole lot of negativity in the Celtics’ locker room last year, so that is an area that needs to be fixed. Jaylen Brown is excited about what lies ahead but is also confident it can’t be any worse than last season.

You can tell right away that this is a direct shot at Kyrie Irving, and perhaps some of the other players that aren’t on the team anymore. But that’s not the point. The point of Jaylen’s comments is that he is ready for a fresh start and wants to let go of last season.

It’s no surprise that Jaylen Brown was the one that probably had the biggest issues with Kyrie Irving. They’d point fingers at each other and make comments about each other to the media. Jaylen also had a down year, where right off the bat he was struggling and eventually got demoted to the bench. He improved as the year went on in his new role, but it was evident that the decision to come off the bench affected him and his game.

With Kyrie gone and Kemba in, the Celtics are going to play a whole lot different next year. With no more egos and leadership issues, this team will work with one another and give each other opportunities to exceed. The ball won’t stick to one player’s hands because the team will go back to playing team-style basketball where the ball is always moving.

Kemba Walker is the perfect point for that style of play because not only is he humble, but he also wants to win and see his teammates playing well. Jaylen knows this and is probably why he’s looking forward to a new season with a new point guard.

Next season will be a fun one, Celtics fans. Everybody’s going to have a different mindset going into the season and is ready to move on from last year. Will they become one of the best teams in the NBA? Only time will tell, but with more team building, they can come out hot right out of the gate.

Photo: AP Photo/Jim Mone

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