Jayson Tatum Is the “Franchise” in Boston

Everybody knows how valuable Jayson Tatum is. NBA fans see how much potential this kid has. When Tatum was drafted by Boston in 2017, he was considered to be the future of the Boston Celtics. Last season, Tatum didn’t get a chance to show how special he can be. Now that Kyrie’s gone, it’s time for him to prove why one league executive considers him the “franchise” of the Boston Celtics.

“We tried to get him. The price they asked was insane, as it should be. He’s going to be an All-Star. If his numbers were down, it’s only because no 19-year-old had been at that level before. Kemba is a great addition and Hayward is going to be better, but Tatum is the franchise in Boston.”

Even with the addition of Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward coming into this season better than the last, Tatum remains the most valuable and coveted player on the roster. At 21 years old, Tatum has a long career ahead of him, but judging by how his first two seasons have gone, I think he’s going to have a successful one.

Jayson Tatum has accomplished a lot since entering the league and has gained valuable playoff experience at such a young age. He has high expectations for himself and the team this upcoming season. He wants to average 20 points a game, make the All-Star team, and take the Celtics to the championship.

Even Kemba Walker admitted that Jayson Tatum was a huge reason why he decided to sign with Boston. Jayson Tatum has made it farther in the playoffs in his first two seasons than Kemba Walker has in his entire career. So he already has that edge over Kemba.

Danny Ainge could’ve potentially acquired Anthony Davis from the Pelicans if he had included Tatum in trade talks, but he didn’t. Danny Ainge could’ve easily involved Tatum in trade talks revolving around Kawhi Leonard, but he didn’t. Ainge has the utmost confidence in Jayson Tatum and his skillset. He hasn’t traded him for a superstar because he sees a bright future for Tatum in Boston.

This offseason, Jayson Tatum has signed a shoe deal with Jordan, recruited Kemba Walker to Boston, and unofficially became the face of the Celtics’ franchise. The future is bright for Jayson Tatum, but he’ll need to step it up this season if he wants to be considered the “franchise.” With Kyrie gone, there are no excuses why Tatum doesn’t take that next big step in his career.

A lot of the Celtics success this season and beyond will rely on Jayson Tatum and his progression. If he doesn’t step up, next season can be a disaster all over again, but I’m confident that won’t happen. Jayson Tatum is the future of Boston.

Photo: Deadspin

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