Would the Celtics Trade for Bradley Beal?

Over the past few months, Bradley Beal’s name has been brought up several times in trade rumors. Some teams thought Beal would be on the trade market this offseason, but it turns out that he is not. There are now rumors that Bradley Beal won’t sign a 3-year/$111 million contract extension with Washington, so there may be a chance that Beal gets moved before the season starts.

A few teams that we know are interested in Beal are the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams can put themselves in a position to acquire Beal and perhaps take back John Wall’s contract as well to entice the Wizards to make the trade.

A team that Fansided believes can trade for Bradley Beal is the Boston Celtics.

Let me start by saying this: never in a million years will I make this trade. Bradley Beal is a phenomenal player. He’s 26, played all 82 games over the past two seasons, and has averaged nearly 20 points per game throughout his career. Last year was the best season of his career to date, where he averaged 25.6 points, 5.5 assists, and 3.9 assists per game while shooting 47% from the field and 35% from three.

That being said, I still am not making this trade for a few good reasons. The biggest reason is I’d be trading three players all under the age of 25 for only one player who’s 26. None of the three players (Brown, Smart, Langford) have put up the numbers that Beal has, but there’s a chance that either Brown or Langford can equal Beal’s numbers and production as their careers evolve.

The second reason I wouldn’t make this trade is that Boston would be trading FOUR first-round picks. Are you kidding me?! The Rockets traded Chris Paul and four first-round picks for Russell Westbrook. The Clippers traded seven draft picks and two players for Paul George. There is no way in hell Danny Ainge trades three players AND four picks for one player. Danny wouldn’t even trade Jaylen and Rozier for Kawhi when the time came. If he didn’t make that trade, who thinks he’d trade Brown for Beal but also add two more players and four draft picks? It just doesn’t make sense.

I want to make sure people know how great Bradley Beal is. He’d make almost any team better and would be a great fit in Boston, but that trade is not worth it and doesn’t make sense to do at this point. Boston has its roster set, so maybe it’s time to cool off of the trade rumors and go with what we have now. At the time time, if a trade is there at the right price, Danny may have to pull the trigger.

Fortunately, this isn’t that trade.

Photo: Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports Images

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