Jayson Tatum Recruited Kemba Walker to the Celtics

Not too long before free agency started, you may remember the Jordan-brand athletes taking a trip together to Paris. These athletes included Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, and more. During this trip, Jayson Tatum left such a strong impression on Kemba Walker that it made his free agency decision much, much easier.

“We spoke for quite some time. Jayson’s such a good guy, such a great player,” Walker said. “For the most part, I like being around high-character guys with work ethic. Just guys who I can be around, be myself around. That’s kind of the vibe I got from JT when I was around him. When we left Paris, as the days went on and free agency came and I made my decision, a lot was because of him.”

This is pretty awesome considering Jayson Tatum is only 21 years old and is already recruiting All-Star talent to Boston. After his press conference in Boston, Kemba talked about how the young talent in Boston factored into him signing with the Celtics.

Although Tatum was recruiting Kemba to Boston, he was never straight up about it. In Paris, Kemba Walker said Tatum was never telling him to “come” to Boston, but just telling him about the city, the fans, and the players.

“He didn’t say ‘come here’ at all,” Walker said. “It was more so about the city, about the fans, the atmosphere, coach Stevens, some of the players on the team, last year and how things went, just stuff like that. Not once did he say, ‘come.’ Not once.”

Tatum’s maturity and Walker’s willingness to sacrifice his game to play with younger talent is what’s going to make next year’s team amazing. I can already tell the chemistry is going to be great and the players are going to love playing beside each other.

This season is going to be awesome, and knowing that it’s because of Jayson Tatum makes it even better. Don’t sleep on the Celtics, right Jalen?

Photo: Lance King/Getty Images

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