Boston is “trying to still get a contract done” with Tacko Fall.

Tacko Fall has been one of the biggest stories of the summer for the Boston Celtics. After signing an Exhibit 10 contract, Tacko has earned the respect and attention from NBA fans and teams around the league. Tacko Fall did so well during summer league that he may get a roster spot as an undrafted rookie. He has shown enough promise to impress Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge.

“We’re trying to still get a contract done with Tacko. We haven’t signed him yet. I really can’t say much more about Tacko than we’re just trying to get him in the fold,” Ainge said. “Hopefully we can get that done but we’ll see.”

Standing at 7’6”, Tacko Fall skies over his competition. If you watched any summer league action, you would know that Tacko was a big reason why the Celtics were 4-0 before playoffs, no pun intended. He stands around the basket, waves his hand up, and waits to get the ball to dunk over his defender(s). He stands around the rim, waits to grab an offensive rebound, and then dunks it all over his defender(s). It’s absolutely insane.

There’s no reason to not want this man on the Celtics. Boston can add one more player to their roster, and Tacko Fall could be that guy. He doesn’t even have to play that often. He’d be a perfect situational player, where he can come in for situations where the team needs a quick bucket or needs someone to stand around the rim. He’d be perfect for executing little things on the court.

The Celtics have already signed two 2-way contracts with Tremont Waters and Max Strus. Why Max Strus? Don’t ask me, but Danny can strike a new deal with Tremont after an impressive run in summer league. By giving Waters a four-year contract, Boston can then sign Tacko to a two-way deal.

This seems more likely to happen because I would assume that Danny Ainge and the organization would like Tacko to be able to go back and forth from Boston to Maine so he can get more run in the G League. Regardless, it’s looking likely that we will see a lot more of Tacko Fall in the future.

Danny Ainge likes him, the fans love him, and he can be an excellent player on the roster. There isn’t really anything to lose by signing Tacko, so why not take the chance? Let’s make #TackoTuesday permanent in Boston.

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images

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