ESPN Ranks the Boston Celtics As the 7th Best Team in the NBA

ESPN put out their NBA Offseason Power Rankings just the other day, and they got NBA fans going back and forth about what’s right and wrong about this list.

Personally, I don’t think the list is awful. I think a majority of the right teams made the list, but maybe they can be moved around a bit. For example, the Clippers and Lakers are going to be the two best teams in the NBA. They just got assembled, though, so it’s hard to put them ahead of the Bucks, a team that made the Eastern Conference Finals, has the MVP, and got most of their team back. As the season goes on, we’ll see the LA teams overtake this list.

I’m a little surprised and also upset about where the Celtics were placed on this list. The Celtics are still listed as a top-7 team even with all that has happened in the past year. I like the ranking because it shows that the Celtics are still very much contenders in the Eastern Conference and have the ability to make a deep playoff run.

On the other hand, I kind of wish the Celtics didn’t make this list to secure themselves as the underdogs once again for next season. The underdog Celtics are arguably Boston fans’ favorite type of Celtics. The underdog Celtics are special because nobody expects them to do anything, but then proceed to take out the best teams and find a way to exceed expectations.

With ESPN’s ranking for Boston, it seems like the underdog Celtics will not be making a return this year. I think being ranked #7 is fine for the Celtics, even though there are a few teams that could be listed ahead, like the Jazz or Trail Blazers.

The Celtics shouldn’t be a heavy favorite for a lot of people, but they will surprise a lot of fans because of how good they’ll be next year. There will be no high expectations, just hope that the Celtics can get back to being the Celtics once again. They aren’t a championship contender, but they are definitely one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, and if you make it to the Finals, anything can happen.

What do you think about the Celtics’ placement on ESPN’s NBA Offseason Power Rankings? Besides a little movement that can be made, I think the list is pretty close to accurate. This is a good placement for the Celtics: not too high and not too low. High enough where they’re not underdogs, but low enough to not be considered favorites.

Photo: Twitter/@ESPN

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