Tacko Fall Needs to Be A Member of the Boston Celtics Next Season

When the Boston Celtics signed Tacko Fall to a contract to play for their Summer League team, I really didn’t care too much about it. I knew who Tacko was, and I’ve seen a bunch of his clips on social media. To me, this was just the Celtics signing a really tall guy to play just for the summer and that’d be it. Boy was I wrong.

After three Summer League games and an abundance of highlight clips, I can officially say I want Tacko Fall on the Boston Celtics next season. He’s been the most entertaining player in Summer League. Everybody loses their minds when Tacko goes to check into the game. He’s become a sensation quickly this summer, and this needs to extend into next season.

Why wouldn’t you want that on your team? Just throw him in there when we need someone to protect the paint with a few seconds left in the game, or when the team is up by 30 and you want to send the crowd home happy. Tacko Fall is a freak of nature. Standing at 7’7, he makes players standing around him look like children.

I mean, did you watch that first video?! After he grabs an offensive rebound, all he literally has to do is look at the basket, and barely has to jump up to dunk it with his eight-foot wingspan. Let me ask again: why wouldn’t you want that on your team?! Even if he barely played in a game ever, just being able to witness that in an NBA game would be the highlight of the game.

I believed it was a low risk/high reward scenario for the Celtics when they signed Tacko Fall to a Summer League deal. Now, I’m starting to think the same way about signing him to the actual team. I have no issue whatsoever with getting rid of Guerschon Yabusele if it means giving a roster spot to Tacko. Actually, I’d give up Yabu for a bag of chips, so I’d be more than pleased if Tacko took Yabu’s place.

Tacko Fall needs to stay in Boston, and #TackoTuesday needs to continue to be a weekly thing. We’ll have to see if Tacko Fall will impress the team enough to earn himself a roster spot.

Photo: Bart Young/Getty Images


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