Boston Celtics Free Agency Targets: DeMarcus Cousins

The Boston Celtics already started free agency with a bang. By bringing in Kemba Walker, they found a replacement for Kyrie Irving. The only issue now is the Celtics lack depth at the center position. Signing Enes Kanter and French center Vincent Poirier helps in that department, but adding one more quality center would be key. Here I’ll talk about one player who I think the Celtics can go after: DeMarcus Cousins.

DeMarcus Cousins spent most of last season in Golden State rehabbing from an achilles injury. In the 30 regular season games he played and started, he averaged over 16 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and a steal and a block per game. Unfortunately, Cousins would suffer yet another devastating injury when he suffered a partially torn quadriceps in the first round of the playoffs. It’s unfortunate too because this was his first time ever making the postseason.

Before Cousins suffered these injuries, there was little doubt that he was the best center in the game of basketball. As much of an attitude problem he may have had, he let his play on the court do the talking. In his last season in New Orleans, he was averaging 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.6 steals and blocks per game.

With signing DeMarcus Cousins, you’d be taking a chance, but a tiny one. DeMarcus doesn’t have the best history of necessarily being a “good guy.” He’s had his locker room issues and issues on the court, as well. His value is close to nothing, and Adrian Wojnarowski said on ESPN that there’s no market for Cousins.

Besides all this, the Celtics can get Cousins for cheap, and there’s a chance he can at least show signs of what he was before his injuries. He’s had his issues, but he’s shown maturity in his time in Golden State. He was a starter for a few games in the playoffs, but eventually got demoted to the bench because he just wasn’t playing as well as the team hoped he would. But Cousins didn’t mind, and he didn’t throw a fit. He accepted his role (whatever that was) and kept his mouth shut. He played behind Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant, so he’s learned to take a backseat to better talent.

As much as I love the Enes Kanter signing for Boston, he’s absolutely horrid on defense. I don’t have too much knowledge on new Celtics center Vincent Poirier (he literally signed while I was typing this, but you bet I’ll be doing my research after this). That’s why adding another dominant big like Cousins can help out the Celtics. His toughness and competitiveness can go far in Boston and can help the team in some areas that need to be addressed. Plus, imagine him and Marcus Smart on the court together? I wouldn’t want to make eye contact or even walk in their vicinity.

Although DeMarcus Cousins to Boston may not be likely, it wouldn’t be a terrible option for Danny Ainge and the Celtics. Cousins would add more depth to the team, and working with veteran leaders like Kemba, Hayward, and Smart can do wonders for his maturity and attitude. Besides, he did narrow his choices down to Golden State and Boston the last offseason.

Photo: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

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