It Seems Like Kemba Walker Could Be On His Way to Boston

Over the past few days, rumors were circulating that Kemba Walker may be on the Boston Celtics’ radar. Boston is about to lose an elite point guard in Kyrie Irving, so replacing him with another elite point guard wouldn’t be such a bad option. Except for this time, this team-first point guard won’t cause as many headaches as the last one did.

Kemba Walker has been a score-first guard in Charlotte. He even took over 20 shots a game last season while almost averaging 26 points a night, but don’t let that fool you. Kemba Walker is a team-first type of player, he just didn’t get to show that side of him in Charlotte. Kyrie Irving tried to be a team player, but his play style didn’t work well with everyone in Boston, especially when everybody was healthy last year.

Kemba Walker is 29 years old and is in the prime of his career. The time to win for Kemba is now, so if he came to Boston, we wouldn’t be a seeing 20-shots-a-night Kemba Walker. No, no, no. We’d be seeing a brand new Kemba Walker; one that is still an elite scorer, but can utilize his playmaking skills and seize the leadership role Kyrie couldn’t handle in Boston. Now that he has an actual team built to win around him, we’d see a new-and-improved Kemba Walker.

And like I mentioned in my article about Kemba being a great fit in Boston, Jaylen and Jayson don’t need more than 20 shots a game to develop into the players we expect them to be. If anything, I think having an elite scorer next to them would help improve their development. The team wouldn’t be run by Kemba like it was run by Kyrie. Everybody would still get theirs, and if we’re lucky, we can have one of the best scorers in the league help us out with that.

The Celtics would still have a big issue at the center position, but they’d still have some money to play around with to bring in a half-decent big man.

But if you think about it… Would Danny Ainge really be done making moves if we signed Kemba? That could just be the first domino to fall. This signing could lead to more changes in Boston, whether it’s another signing or a trade. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if Danny Ainge still went out and tried to trade for a big man to put together with Kemba. Who would that big man be? No clue, but fingers crossed for Clint Capela!

If the Boston Celtics sign Kemba Walker to a 4-year max contract, fans need to stop complaining and accept that Kemba Walker can do what we all expected Kyrie Irving to do while in Boston. Kemba Walker can be a leader on this team and help develop the young guys into the players we all expect them to become. Don’t fight this, Boston fans. Jump on the Kemba Walker to Boston train and let’s hope for the best.

Kemba Walker in Boston is something we never thought we needed before, but maybe it’s just what this city needed.

Photo: AP Photo/Chuck Burton

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