What the Hell is Danny Ainge Doing?

As we all know, Adrian Wojnarowski nearly broke NBA Twitter yesterday by reporting that both the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics were ‘engaged’ in talks for Anthony Davis. The timing was a little strange, considering earlier in the day Rich Paul’s interview with Sports Illustrated was released, where he basically told Boston not to waste their assets just to watch AD walk in a year. Besides this, Danny Ainge remained ‘undeterred’ in trying to acquire the superstar big man.

So let me ask this question: what the hell is Danny Ainge doing? Is he involved in these trade talks just to get the Lakers to overpay for Davis, or is he actually trying to acquire him? I know that Danny Ainge isn’t afraid of risks or making a big-time move, but this trade would be the riskiest out of any that he’s made during his time as Celtics’ GM.

If the Celtics trade for Anthony Davis and re-sign Kyrie for one more year, there’s a huge possibility we’ll lose both of them next free agency if the Celtics don’t win a championship. Not only that, but we’ll lose what we gave up for AD, which will most likely be Jayson Tatum. If Danny Ainge pulls this move off and all we’re left with is just Jaylen Brown (who we also might have to give up), we’re going to be entering some dark times.

Whatever Danny Ainge does, he’s doing it for a reason. He will not trade for Anthony Davis without some type of commitment from Kyrie Irving, which I would imagine be signing on for at least one more season. He’s smart enough to know that we can’t throw away our future for a player whose agent literally told us not to trade for him.

I know we’ve seen players in the past say that they only want to go one place but then get traded to another and end up staying. This happened to Paul George, Kevin Garnett, and could happen to Kawhi Leonard. This situation is different, though. Anthony Davis’ agent is best friends with LeBron and will do anything to get AD to LA with him. And not for nothing, Anthony Davis’ dad came out and said he didn’t want his son playing for Boston, especially after what Danny Ainge did to Isaiah Thomas.

“I would never want my son to play for Boston after what they done to Isaiah Thomas. No loyalty. Guy gives his heart and soul and they traded him.”

Danny Ainge can’t really do much until he knows what Kyrie’s doing. After next season, the only way I see Anthony Davis staying is if Kyrie signs long-term and the Celtics win it all in their first year together. The only way I see Kyrie Irving staying is if Anthony Davis decides to stay long-term and the Celtics win it all in their first year together. Their decisions would bank on how the team performs next season, but even then if they do win it all, would they still leave? Kawhi Leonard still might leave Toronto this offseason and their one win away from a title!

This is all a huge risk, and if we make this trade and it bites us in the ass, it could leave a huge stain on Danny Ainge’s resume. I believe in Ainge and will support any move he decides to make. I just hope to God it doesn’t come back to haunt us if he pulls off a trade for Anthony Davis. I know we wouldn’t win much for a few years anyways, but I’d prefer to be left with Jaylen and Jayson if Kyrie decides to leave than have nothing if we get AD and both him and Kyrie decide to leave in free agency.

Photo: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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