Report: The Pelicans are Pursuing an “All-Star player, a young player with All-Star potential and two first-round picks”

Anthony Davis trade season is upon us, and Adrian Wojnarowski dropped another bomb on the NBA community early this afternoon. David Griffin, New Orleans’ executive vice president of basketball operations, made it known what he prefers in return in an Anthony Davis trade package and that he wants a trade to be completed days before the NBA Draft.

David Griffin is looking for players who can contribute right away and young players who have the potential to become an All-Star.

Griffin is pursuing a combination of assets that include an All-Star player, a young player with All-Star potential and two first-round picks, league sources said. Those wants are on a sliding scale. For example, the better the player, the softer the requests on the draft picks — and vice versa.

The four teams that have inquired about a potential Anthony Davis trade include the Nets, Knicks, Clippers, and Lakers. All these teams can put together strong trade packages, but one team that can most certainly get involved in the AD sweepstakes is the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics can package Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Robert Williams, Memphis’ top-6 protected first-round pick, and the #14 pick in this year’s draft. New Orleans gets a former All-Star in Gordon Hayward who can potentially return to old form in a new environment. He’d be one of the top options on their team and could thrive in his new role with more time to recover from his injury.

Jayson Tatum may have the most potential out of any young player offered to the Pelicans in a trade package. The Pelicans ‘covet’ Jayson Tatum and believe he has the potential to be special in this league. If Boston throws in a few more filler players, a top-6 protected pick that can become unprotected in two years and another first-round pick or two, can this deal get done?

It depends on how much the other teams are willing to offer, and most importantly, what Kyrie is going to do in free agency. If David Griffin wants to get a deal done before the NBA Draft, Danny Ainge might have to roll the dice with this trade and hope Kyrie decides to re-sign with Boston. If Danny Ainge doesn’t roll the dice and lets Anthony Davis go elsewhere, the team can very likely miss out on re-signing Kyrie Irving, too.

Only time will tell what will happen in this situation, but one thing is for sure, and that’s that anything is possible in this league. We’ve seen teams like the Thunder and Raptors swoop in and trade for superstars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. For all we know a team like the Milwaukee Bucks can come out of nowhere and make a deal for AD. All I know is that if David Griffin wants this trade done by the NBA Draft, we’re going to have an exciting few weeks ahead of us.

Photo: Getty Images

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