Report: The Boston Celtics are “Skeptical” They Can Re-Sign Kyrie Irving

Per Steven Kyler from Basketball Insiders, the Celtics are exploring trade options and planning different scenarios to build around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown this offseason. The Celtics are skeptical that Kyrie will re-sign in Boston; therefore, they have to have a plan in store if he doesn’t.

This report shouldn’t really be a shocker, because all we’ve heard from the media the past few weeks are that Kyrie is going anywhere but Boston, basically. We’ve seen reporters say he’s narrowed his choice down to the Lakers and the Knicks. Then the Nets became the odds-on favorites to land the point guard. Then we heard that he narrowed his choice down AGAIN to the Knicks and Nets.

It’s no surprise Steven Kyler reported this because the media has not once talked about Kyrie going back to Boston. Almost nobody has mentioned a single report tying Kyrie Irving back to Boston. All these reports are painting a picture, and that picture isn’t Kyrie in a Celtics’ jersey.

So let’s assume these reports are accurate (probably not, but we’ll act like they are). Kyrie Irving is officially gone from Boston: what happens next? Well, going by Steven’s tweet, I think we can eliminate any idea of Anthony Davis coming to Boston. If the Celtics are looking to build around Jaylen and Jayson, there’s no chance they can trade for Davis without including one or the other.

I’d like to imagine that Terry Rozier would re-sign if Kyrie leaves. Terry never got his chance to shine or get the playing time he believed he deserved after his playoff run last postseason as a starter. As a starter, Jaylen, Jayson, and himself can become an excellent, young trio that can give Boston fans hope moving forward.

I’d also like to point out that if Kyrie leaves Boston, it’s not the end of the world, but it definitely hurts us now. The Celtics would 100% take a step back. The Celtics go from being a championship-contending team to a team with a second-round ceiling, I believe. I’m not being negative but simply being realistic here.

I will say that the team’s chemistry should see an improvement with Kyrie gone. Jaylen and Jayson will finally have their room to grow. We’ve all seen what Kyrie does on the basketball court. He’s a phenomenal player and is one of the best guards in the entire league, but his style of play was slowing down the development of both Jaylen and Jayson. He was taking away shots and opportunities from the young guys. Losing Kyrie would hurt our chances of winning a championship, but would help the development of the young guys.

I would take this report with a grain of salt, because like I’ve mentioned time and time again, the only person who knows what Kyrie’s doing is Kyrie himself. We can speculate and talk about these rumors, but who knows how true they are. I want Kyrie Irving back in Boston, but if he leaves to go elsewhere, the Celtics will be in good hands with Jaylen and Jayson moving forward.

Photo: Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images

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