NBA Trade Rumor Season is Upon Us… And Of Course the Celtics Are Involved

We haven’t even gotten to the month of June yet, and the Celtics’ have already been brought up in NBA trade rumors. Yesterday, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Rockets are looking to improve their roster, and any players besides James Harden can be dealt to make that happen.

Today, Steven Kyler from Basketball Insiders reported that a few teams have been linked to the Houston Rockets. These teams include Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas, and you guessed it, Boston.

This isn’t anything new for Celtics’ fans. The Celtics seem to always be involved in trade rumors when players become available. The Rockets have a few players who could help the Celtics, some way more than others. Some of these players include Eric Gordon, Clint Capela, and PJ Tucker.

Eric Gordon would be a massive pickup for the Celtics for one reason: he’s a shooter, and the Celtics desperately need shooting. He shot 36% from three last season and averaged 16 points per game. Gordon doesn’t have to be a starter, either. He only started 53 out of the 68 games he played. His presence off the bench would be a boost for the team and give the Celtics another scoring option when the offense is dead.

Clint Capela is an intriguing option for a few reasons. Capela just finished the first season of his five-year contract with the Rockets, where he’s making an average salary of $18M a year. He just turned 25 years old, and in his fifth NBA season averaged nearly 17 points and 13 rebounds a game. Not to mention, he shot 65% from the field and averaged 1.5 blocks per game. He’s efficient and can play solid defense. If Anthony Davis trade talks go down the toilet, I can see Danny Ainge making a run at Capela.

I mentioned PJ Tucker because of his grit and willingness to win. He’s a hard-nosed player who would be an excellent addition to the Bench With Attitude (if that’s even still a thing). His attitude would allow him to fit right in with Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris (if he re-signs), and Aron Baynes. If you see those four walking towards you, you better run the opposite direction. His stats don’t pop out, but he’s a hustle player who’s going to making a measly $8M a year for the next two seasons. His great contract, attitude, and grit are enough for me to want him in a Celtics’ uniform.

Will the Celtics actually make a trade with the Houston Rockets? Like I said before, this is nothing new for Celtics’ fans. It seems like we’re mentioned in every trade rumor possible, and nothing ever really ends up happening. The only way I see a trade happening here is if either Anthony Davis trade talks fall through, or we look to add more pieces to the team post-Anthony Davis trade. Either way, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. These are simply rumors, and in my short life, I’ve lived through millions of them.

Photo: USA TODAY Sports

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