Could Ricky Rubio Be An Option for the Boston Celtics This Offseason?

Recently while doing an interview with EuroHoops, Ricky Rubio discussed his future and what this offseason holds for him. He was asked about the possibilities of his upcoming free agency, his next contract, his willingness to win a ring, and talks about his time in Utah. When discussing teams he could join, he mentioned Charlotte and Boston as possible destinations.

There are a thousand possibilities, excluding the teams that have a starting point guard under contract who will remain there. Like Houston or Golden State. Then there’s Boston where you still don’t know if Kyrie Irving will be there. Or Charlotte with Kemba Walker. Things really don’t depend on you but on the other players.

For example, if Kyrie Irving went to Utah, this wouldn’t be a possibility for me anymore. In the end, they choose first.

Would Ricky Rubio be an option for the Celtics if Kyrie stays, or if Kyrie leaves? I think this would just be an option if Kyrie leaves town. Ricky Rubio mentioned in the interview that he wants to play a significant role for a championship team. He just doesn’t want to sit on the bench and do nothing, that wouldn’t mean much to him.

I’d like to win the ring being the protagonist because a ring without playing wouldn’t feel like mine. I want to have a leading role and now it’s time to find a team where I can achieve that goal.

If Kyrie leaves, I can see Ricky Rubio stepping in as the next starting point guard for the Boston Celtics. He embodies what a pass-first point guard is and would fit very well in Brad Stevens’ system, I believe. Bringing his career average of 7.7 assists a game over to Boston would definitely help keep the ball moving. In seasons where he was playing 30+ minutes a night in Minnesota, he put up his best numbers, including averaging a career-high 9.1 assists during the 2016/2017 season (32.9 MPG).

If Kyrie Irving leaves, that means that the Celtics don’t have to worry about paying one player nearly $40M a year over the next five years. The Celtics could target a point guard who might move the ball better than Kyrie ever could for much less money than they would’ve had to pay Kyrie.

Ricky Rubio wouldn’t be impossible to get, either. His last contract (4-years/$55M) was reasonable for a player with his skillset. The Celtics will have a non-taxpayer mid-level exception worth $9.3 million for the upcoming season and could use this to sign Rubio. If Kyrie Irving decides to leave once free agency comes around, Ricky Rubio could be someone that the Celtics focus on bringing in to Boston.


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