What Does the Future Hold for the Boston Celtics?

The Celtics’ season has finally come to an end. After a disappointing regular season, there seemed to be a chance this team could put it all together for the playoffs. They looked dominant in the first round by sweeping the Pacers. Then came Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics decisively took game one, but then Kyrie and the Celtics crumbled over the next four games.

As optimistic as I remained all season long, there was no doubt that this was probably going to be the way the season was going to end. The team showed so many times that they could be special and live up to those “championship-contenders” expectations. Unfortunately, Giannis and the Bucks proved that we weren’t that team.

With the season in the rearview mirror, what comes next? We are lined up for quite an interesting, but yet exciting offseason. This upcoming offseason is going to be critical for Danny Ainge and the Celtics’ organization. This summer can change the direction of the team. So many different scenarios can play out, and here are some of those scenarios that I believe can happen this offseason:

Kyrie Irving re-signs and the Celtics run it back

This scenario is straightforward and probably the least interesting out of the others I will mention later. Kyrie Irving doesn’t see himself playing anywhere but Boston; he even said many, many times he plans on staying in Boston. He doesn’t go back on his word and remains a Celtic, vowing to run it back and lead the team to make another run. This time, they’re the underdogs.

There will be a few roster changes. For example, I don’t see Terry Rozier remaining on the team if Kyrie is still around. Marcus Morris too, simply because I have no idea how much he can make in free agency and if he’d stay for less. But for the most part, the majority of the team comes back and give it a second shot.

Kyrie Irving re-signs and the Celtics acquire Anthony Davis

This scenario would be the most chaotic, but yet perhaps the best scenario for the Celtics this offseason. Kyrie wants to stay committed to Boston but knows he needs more help. Danny Ainge makes an offer to the Pelicans that they can’t refuse, bringing Anthony Davis to Boston. Who does Danny Ainge include in that trade? Please don’t ask me; God knows what it’d take, but I still think Danny does it. He’s never been afraid to take risks and make a blockbuster trade. It wouldn’t shock me if he did it again.

The Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving duo would be magical. Both would be hitting their primes, and I think their playstyles will compliment each other. I believe Anthony Davis can go down as one of the best big men we’ve ever seen, and putting him next to Kyrie would be a treat to watch for years to come.

Kyrie Irving ditches Boston and the Celtics build around Jayson/Jaylen

This scenario is one that has started to look more and more likely as the season went on. And after that round against Milwaukee, this is the only scenario basketball fans see happening. Kyrie goes back on his word and doesn’t re-sign with Boston.  He couldn’t handle the pressure of leading his own team so decides to sign elsewhere, whether it’s with Kevin Durant or not.

I hope that’s not the headline because I hope Kyrie Irving stays in Boston. My preferred scenario is that the Celtics trade for Anthony Davis and re-sign Kyrie. With Kyrie committed to Boston long term, AD will want to do the same. As much as it would suck seeing either Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown go, it’s a move that you have to do if it means you’re trading for a top-10, borderline top-5 player in the NBA.

To sum it all up, Kyrie controls Boston’s future. If he stays, he can continue to be the leader of this team and help bring in other superstars (or continue to help develop Jayson/Jaylen), or he can say goodbye and leave the Celtics superstar-less.

Would that necessarily be a bad thing, though? The Celtics play team-oriented, and there have been times where Kyrie Irving and his style of play has ruined that scheme. Now I’m not going to say if the Celtics will be better or worse without Kyrie, but I don’t think it’d be the end of the world if Kyrie left.

All I can say now is we wait and see. Come July 1st, we are going to witness one of the craziest offseasons in NBA history.

Photo: Bleacher Report

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