What Happened to the Celtics?

I’ll be completely honest with you guys, I’m at a loss for words. All year long I have done nothing but defend this team. Through all the ups and downs, I stood by the Celtics. But for the first time all year, I have nothing to say.

Game 4 was the game to win. The Celtics HAD to win game four. Will I sit here and say that the series is already over? Absolutely not, because that would make me a crappy fan and make it seem like I’m giving up on my team. Let’s make things clear; I am not giving up on the Celtics. I am simply disappointed that they couldn’t take advantage of all the opportunities they’ve had to find success this postseason and throughout the regular season. They put themselves in a hole that they’re going to have to go to war to get out of.

I want to take a moment to talk about Kyrie Irving. Through all his comments about the team, leadership, free agency, all of it; I stood by him all season long. I’d let the comments slide and let his play on the court back him up. But the comments that he’s made in postgame interviews haven’t been great.

Now I know he made comments like this all season long, but pulling out responses like these in the postseason won’t cut it. You know what saying these things does for your image? This paints Kyrie as someone that’s given up already. Never once throughout the year did I think Kyrie would leave Boston, but the stuff he’s been saying makes me believe he just doesn’t care anymore. He says his confidence in the team hasn’t changed, and I believe that. Kyrie needs to quit talking about how he won’t go 8-22 again or should’ve shot 30 times and step it up on the court. The Celtics are down 3-1, and a big reason for that has been Kyrie’s poor performance this series.

And don’t think I forgot about you, Gordon Hayward. I hate to say it, I really do, but Gordon Hayward has been awful for the Celtics the last three games of the series. I can’t have one of the highest paid players in the league averaging under ten points a night in the playoffs. I hate to beat up on him because I know it’s taken him forever to get back into things and he hasn’t fully gotten back to being himself yet, but it’s hurt the team. I said that Gordon Hayward would be the biggest X factor in the playoffs. Well, you can tell how the series has been going based on his shooting numbers from the last three games.

The last thing I want to think about is the Celtics’ season being over and everything that’ll follow. I don’t want to start thinking about hypotheticals and the million different outcomes from this upcoming offseason. I just want the Celtics to play hard, play like they care, and play as a team. We haven’t seen that, and that can explain why this team put themselves in this hole. Fans do need to keep the faith because this series isn’t over yet. The last team to come back from a 3-1 series deficit? The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. We all know that story.

Photo: TMJ4.com

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