RJ Hunter is Back on the Celtics, and Suddenly All Is Right in the World

This may be the best day I’ve had in a very, very long time. The legend himself, RJ Hunter, is back on the Celtics on a two-way contract. When he was on the team the first time around, he was someone who got very few minutes, eight minutes per game to be exact. Now, we get to watch him tear up the G League and the NBA. To say I’m ecstatic is an understatement.

Let me take you back to December 21, 2015. The day my friend and I went to the Celtics/Timberwolves game. Everybody remembers that game as the last time Kevin Garnett was in Boston. He didn’t play, but the Garden was cheering for him all game long. But that’s not what I remember the most from that night. What I remember is buying RJ Hunter’s jersey, the man selling me the jersey telling me that RJ Hunter was going to be a stud, and RJ Hunter hitting a half-court buzzer beater to end the first quarter. I specifically remember the fans around me wondering why I kept screaming RJ’s name, and why I had his jersey. I laughed in all their faces when he hit this shot: the greatest shot I’ve ever witnessed live.

Tucked away for years, the RJ Hunter jersey is back hanging up on my wall and will be worn religiously from here on out. I didn’t think I could love and appreciate Danny Ainge more than I already did, but boy did he prove me wrong. God bless Danny Ainge, and God bless RJ Hunter.

Is RJ Hunter the missing piece to bringing Boston another championship? I don’t want to jump to conclusions so quickly… but yes.


Photo: https://www.si.com/

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