Jayson Tatum: “I’d trade me for Anthony Davis too.”

I really don’t have to write this piece, or feel I have to, but I have to put this out there: I would NEVER trade Jayson Tayum for Anthony Davis. For some Celtics’ fans, maybe they would trade away Tatum for AD. Why? Perhaps because they think the only way they can get AD is by trading away Tatum. Is that right? Who knows, and we won’t know until Danny Ainge tries going all in on him in the offseason (if he isn’t traded by then).

I say I wouldn’t trade Tatum for AD because of this reason: I’d want to acquire AD to pair him with both Kyrie and Taum. I’m not saying Tatum was wrong for what he said. Davis is easily a top-5, maybe top-3 player in the NBA. It would take a whole lot to get him from the Pelicans, but I wouldn’t even dare include Tatum in a package.

Jayson Tatum is the real deal. He’s shown flashes of how special he is and how amazing he’s going to be in the years to come. He’s stated he’d love to stay in Boston his whole career and bring the city championships. He and Kyrie Irving could become one of the better duos in the league in just a few years. At that point, Kyrie will hit his prime and Tatum will have years of experience under his belt. The sky is the limit for the Celtics with those two on your roster.

I want Anthony Davis as much as the next guy, but getting rid of a young, rising star like Jayson Tatum isn’t the way to do it. The point of getting AD is to put him alongside guys like Tatum and Kyrie, not trade one for the other. It’s like saying “let’s trade Kyrie for AD.” It makes no sense.

I love each and every member of the Celtics’ team, but if AD is on the table this upcoming summer, Danny Ainge has to go all in on him. Danny Ainge stockpiled all of his assets over the years for this reason. Just imagining the “Big Three” of Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Anthony Davis makes my mouth water. That’s who you have to build your roster around; two of the best players at their positions and a young stud who’s potential is unlimited. With those three and a strong supporting cast, you have a championship roster.

And yes I know this can’t happen until the offseason, that’s why I didn’t necessarily want to put this out, but I felt like it had to be said. Getting Anthony Davis is the Celtics’ number one priority if it’s still on the table, but not if it means giving up Jayson Tatum.


Photo: https://celticswire.usatoday.com/

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