Carmelo Anthony to Boston? No Thank You

We’ve all heard the news about Carmelo Anthony likely playing his final game as a Houston Rocket. Reports were saying that he wasn’t going to be cut, and then that was followed up with reports saying that he actually was. From what it looks like now, Carmelo Anthony will not be a Rocket for much longer.

All is good with this news. He wasn’t a great fit in Houston, obviously, and both sides want to part ways. Some places people were thinking he’d go to were the Lakers, 76ers, or even the Warriors to ring chase. No mention of Boston, at the time at least. Then alllll of a sudden the Celtics lose a game to Portland, Kyrie mentions that the team needs a 14-15 year veteran, and the internet loses its damn mind about Carmelo coming to Boston.

First of all, no. Nope. Absolutely not.

Carmelo Anthony shouldn’t be allowed to step foot in the city of Boston. Boston is the city of champions, and that is the opposite of what Carmelo Anthony is. I’m in no way trying to disrespect Melo or take anything away from the guy. He’s a future Hall of Famer. He’s one of the best scorers this league had ever seen when he was in his prime. But these past two years have proven that he can’t fit onto a championship roster at this stage of his career.

The Celtics aren’t looking for another scorer or a guy that can’t play any defense. Hell, saying he’s a scorer at this point in his career is a stretch. The Celtics need someone who can provide leadership, winning experience, and defense. These are all things that Carmelo does not bring to the table. Like I said before, I’m not taking anything away from the guy and what he accomplished when he was in Denver or New York. But it’s been sad seeing a superstar like Carmelo decline so quickly when he should have many great years left in the tank. Given his playstyle, people figured he’d stick around and have relevancy for at least a few more years. Things change and he’s proven that he can’t. And if he wants to prove otherwise, he can, but just not on the Celtics.

If we’re going to talk about guys I want on my team, I’d prefer someone like Tony Allen. He’s been around the NBA for a long time, has won a championship in Boston, and has been voted on to the All-NBA Defensive Team a handful of times. That’s a guy who’d I want, not someone chucking up 10 shots a game and only hitting two or three of those shots.

I’m sorry Melo. I was a fan of yours in Denver and New York. I really thought you’d do well during your time in Houston. Hell, I predicted the Rockets would be better this year compared to last just because you were going to be on the roster, and I was wrong. I hope Melo finds a new home and finds success again in the NBA, but just not in Boston.


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