Every Night I Thank God that Danny Ainge Drafted Jayson Tatum

Last night, in a 103-101 victory over the New York Knicks, Jayson Tatum proved something to me that I never thought I’d be saying at this early in his career; he is the best player on the Celtics at this very moment.

Yes, on a team with Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford, Jayson Tatum is currently the best player the C’s have to offer. In games where Kyrie has had poor shooting performances, and Gordon Hayward sits out due to rest, Tatum has stepped up and proven to be ready for the spotlight at a very young age.

At 20 YEARS OLD, Tatum is not only leading the team in scoring but rebounds as well. Talking about last nights game specifically, he proved to be able to help the team in more ways than one. He was hitting tough shot after tough shot, and came up huge down the stretch with an ice cold fade-away (thank you Kobe) and hit two clutch free throws to ultimately seal the game.

He fouled Trey Burke shooting a three with a few seconds remaining in the game, and if Burke had hit those free throws, the game would’ve most likely have been sent to overtime. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and we can say Jayson Tatum was the hero of the game.

This kid is going to be something else; he is the real deal. I expect him to be an All-Star this season, and who knows, could be the second leading scorer on this team at the end of the season.

When the Celtics won the draft lottery a year back, I was all in on taking Markelle Fultz at number one. This is why the article is titled “Every night I thank God that Danny Ainge Drafted Jayson Tatum.” Imagine if Jayson Tatum went to Philly? I don’t think I would be able to survive in a world where Tatum is donning a jersey with “Philly” written across it.

Thank you Danny Ainge for seeing the potential in Jayson Tatum and making him a Boston Celtic. In times where our stars are struggling or recovering from serious injuries, Tatum has proven that he can step up and leads the team to victory. He’s done it twice this season, and there’s no end in sight.

One of the best parts of having Tatum on the Celtics is that the Lakers and 76ers will forever be wondering, “what if we took Jayson Tatum instead?” Imagine taking Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball over Jayson Tatum? Well, I don’t have to!

I can’t wait to watch Tatum grow and become a superstar before our very eyes. The Celtics have a very bright future ahead of them, all thanks to Jayson Tatum and Danny Ainge.

Photo: boston.com

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