What Are the Celtics Going to Do With Terry Rozier?

We are less than a week away until the NBA season begins, and also less than a week until the Boston Celtics can ink Terry Rozier to a new contract extension. Terry’s name has been thrown around in trade talks since he came to Boston, but all those rumors were shut down because of how much Danny Ainge loved him. After his breakout performance in last season’s playoffs, it should be without saying that Rozier will be getting paid a lot of money in the near future.

The question is: are the Boston Celtics going to be the team to give that money to him? They just resigned Marcus Smart to a new four-year, $52M deal, and Kyrie is expected to sign his new max contract with Boston next offseason. Not to mention, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum will be getting paid max deals when that time comes. Long story short, the Celtics have a lot of money to give out if they hope to keep this team together for a while.

Yes, the Celtics should give Rozier an extension and the money he deserves. I genuinely believe that if he puts his mind to it, he can be the best bench player in the NBA. I really, really do think he can be the lead candidate for Sixth Man of the Year every season he’s coming off the bench in Boston.

Losing Rozier would be a massive blow for the Celtics since he’s slowly starting to show what he’s been picking up from playing alongside Kyrie. Playing with and against one of the best basketball players in the league has done nothing but make him better. He’s becoming a mini-Kyrie, and it would hurt me if he took all that he’s learned to another team.

Keeping Terry Rozier has to be one of the top priorities for Danny Ainge and the Celtics organization, behind bringing Kyrie back. All these years we’ve wondered why Danny Ainge coveted Rozier so much, and Rozier proved just why he has been so coveted all along during the playoffs. It’s doubtful that the team would look to trade Rozier instead of extending him at this point, and both sides seem to be on the same page as far as the future goes with his role on the team.

Sooner or later, Terry Rozier will sign his new contract with the Celtics. He fits into the team and the system, and most importantly, he’s becoming a household name and fan favorite in New England. Rozier is not only heavily involved with the Boston community, but he balls out on the court, which gives Boston fans every reason to love him.

The Celtics will be paying a lot of money to a handful of players over the next few years, but it’ll be worth it. Keeping this team together is a top priority for the organization if it means winning multiple championships.

Photo: bostonsportsjournal.com

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