Kyrie Irving: “Can We Beat Golden State in a Seven-Game Series? Yes.”

This thread of tweets is what made my night. The NBA season needs to start NOW!

First things first, Kyrie Irving confirmed he’s fully healthy and ready for the season to start. Considering how serious knee injuries can be, especially for guards, it’s refreshing to hear our guys are recovering so well from their injuries.

Next off, I need videos from the Celtics’ pickup games. Kyrie Irving just teases Celtics’ fans when he’s talking about how great the games are. He says, “Pickup games are next level. I can’t believe what we’re doing out there. We can’t wait to get started.”

Coming from the guru himself, I believe what Kyrie is saying. With a group of players that include Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, and Jayson Tatum, I’d believe so myself. Keep in mind, the Celtics also have about 3-4 other players that could be starters in the NBA that’ll be coming off the bench this year. I repeat; I. Need. Videos.

The title of the article. The reason you all clicked on the link. Kyrie Irving believes the Celtics can dethrone the two-time defending NBA champs, the Golden State Warriors in a seven-game series. Let’s be real here; what else is he supposed to say? As the leader of the Celtics, it would shock me if he said otherwise. On paper, the Celtics are the best matchup against the Warriors. From top to bottom, you look at the team and see guys who may not always stick out in the box score, but have the will, heart, and grit to win no matter what it takes.

Kyrie Irving acknowledges the future of the Celtics, and even the rumors of Jimmy Butler and himself teaming up in the future. Just like myself whenever I read up on those stupid rumors, Kyrie laughed it off. Just like us, he sees the talent and potential in this Celtics’ team. He knows the talent that surrounds him, and I’m sure he understands that if held together, he could win a handful of championships in Boston with this group.

Yes, he hasn’t committed to Boston long-term just yet, but he explains how big of a decision it is and all the factors that go into it. Kyrie’s a human being and wants what is best for himself and his career. If it comes down to where he has the best chance of winning, Boston doesn’t have to sweat a thing. If it comes down to money, once again, Boston doesn’t have to worry about a thing. The C’s have everything Kyrie needs to go down as one of the greatest guards to play the game, it’s just his choice to make.

This was just a quick recap and analysis of these tweets from Keith Smith. The NBA season is less than a month away, and hearing these words come from Kyrie is just an absolute tease for Celtics’ fans. The season needs to start tomorrow. It needed to start yesterday. I need to watch Celtics’ basketball and witness how special this team will be.


Photo: SB Nation

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