Marcus Smart and the Boston Celtics Agree to a New Deal

After all the craziness that occurred yesterday with Kawhi Leonard being shipped out of the country, light was shed over the city of Boston. Marcus Smart is officially back.

Marcus Smart signed a four-year, $52M deal to stay with the Boston Celtics. I’ve said that I’d be willing to match many and most offers for Marcus Smart’s contract this offseason. Marcus gets the money THAT HE DESERVES (come on Boston fans, you know) and it shows that he’s an important piece for the team’s success moving forward.

These next four years could be some of the best the franchise has ever seen, and I’m more than happy Marcus is here to not only be a part of it, but be one of the main contributors to a future championship in Boston.

I’m just happy everything is settled and everybody’s happy now. The C’s got the heart and soul of their team back, and Marcus will get paid his $13 million a year. This is good for both sides in the long run because the Celtics could have lost an important part of their team if Marcus left. He brings skills to the table that you can’t teach or ask any player to do. He’s gifted in his own style of play and, most importantly, makes winning plays.

Welcome back to Boston, Marcus. Now let’s get banner 18.


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