Kyrie Irving Won’t Leave Boston Until He Delivers a Championship

Kyrie Irving’s name just can’t seem to stay out of headlines. I’ve talked before about how Kyrie (and Gordon Hayward) are not going to be traded, but now we’re hearing stories about him wanting to team up with Kristaps Porzingis in New York. I hate to break it to any New Yorkers reading this, but it isn’t happening. Let me tell you why.

Kyrie Irving has much more to prove on the Celtics than people think. He wanted out of Cleveland and playing second fiddle to LeBron. Irving asked to be traded to his own team. He got what he wanted and now has one of the deepest teams in the entire league built around him and one of the best coaches in the league leading the way. This team that Boston has is equipped to be championship contenders for the next decade. Especially in the weak Eastern Conference, Kyrie and the Celtics would rack up tons of Eastern Conference titles and have the chance to compete for the NBA title every season.

Kyrie doesn’t have to worry about the team slipping out of his hands. As long as Kyrie is in a Boston uniform, he’ll be the man and the leader of the team. Al Horford can be regarded as the captain, or the guy that keeps everything together. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will have their chance to be the leaders of this team in time. But for as long as Kyrie is in green, and in his prime, he’s in control of the Boston Celtics, and I’d have the utmost confidence he can lead them to multiple championships.

That takes me to my next point: Kyrie has to bring a title to Boston before he should even consider leaving. He wanted to lead his own team to a title, well here you go. With everyone back and healthy, this team is built to knock down the juggernaut that is Golden State. He has the chance to make history and win an NBA title for Boston. Do you know how prestigious that is? Not many players can say they’ve won the great sports city of Boston a championship. If you win a championship in Boston, you’re immortalized by the fans and the city forever. Once he gets a taste of his first title in Boston, he won’t want to leave the team, city, or the fans. Unless you’re Cleveland, of course.

I hate to be that guy, but can I be real for a second? I respect the Knicks. I do. I love Dave Fizdale and Kristaps. I think that organization is on the rise and I’m eager to watch our battles in the coming years. But Kyrie Irving is certainly not leaving what he has in Boston for post-torn ACL Kristaps and the Walmart version of Brad Stevens. It’s not happening. I hear people saying he wants to play for his hometown team and everything, but listen. If you’re an NBA player, playing for one of the greatest organizations in the history of sports, under one of the best coaches the league has to offer, surrounded by the deepest team in the entire NBA, you do not leave for New York City. Plain and simple.

I expect to see Kyrie Irving back in Boston beyond this season. This year will be a taste of what this team can accomplish when everybody is healthy. Kyrie saw how far the C’s got without him and Hayward in the playoffs, now he’s motivated more than ever to bring them back there, and beyond.




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