Will the Celtics Trade Up in the 2018 NBA Draft?

The weeks and days leading up to the NBA Draft is one of the most exciting times of the year for basketball fans. Rumors you wouldn’t even believe come flying out of nowhere. And then other rumors come from those rumors, and so on.

The rumors do heat up especially the day before and of the draft. You hear about players’ stocks rising and falling, and the stories about superstars wanting to leave their team (Paul George last year, Kawhi this year). So basically, anything can happen.

The rumor people should be intrigued about is the one that usually sticks around every year, and that’s a team is trying to trade into the lottery. This year, the Celtics are that team. Shocking.

With the news of Kawhi basically telling the NBA he’s going to LA next year, it seems the Celtics won’t be taking a chance on Kawhi. His value has plummeted and there’s no chance Danny trades either Jaylen or Jayson alongside Terry Rozier for a one-year rental.

We talked about how many picks the Celtics have:

The Celtics could put together a strong package to get a top pick in this draft. Terry Rozier has shown these past playoffs that he’s a starting caliber point guard in this league. That’s good and all, but that means he interested a lot of teams around the NBA.

Rozier will be a restricted free agent next offseason and will be looking for big money. Unlike Marcus Smart, it’s pretty obvious that teams will pay big money to get him. With Rozier looking for a big contract, and his value at an all-time high, it wouldn’t shock me if Danny Ainge looked to move him and the Kings’ pick for a high pick in the draft. Maybe if he throws in a few more first rounders, the options increase, who knows.

A few teams who may be interested in trading with Boston could be Memphis, Dallas, Orlando (which I think is the best option), and New York.

Orlando would be the best fit because of their search for a franchise point guard. Rozier is young, and can have limitless potential as a starter, nevermind on the Magic. It would work for both sides. The Celtics get a young player to add to their young core, and even better for Danny Ainge, another four-year rookie contract on the books.

Now, who could the Celtics get if they trade up? A few players in mind would be Mo Bamba, Luka Doncic (if he slips), Jaren Jackson (if he slips), Wendall Carter, Michael Porter Jr., and Mikal Bridges. The Celtics desperately need more size, and adding any of these players would add plenty of size and depth to the roster.

Keep an eye out for the Celtics today and tomorrow. Rumors will start to heat up, but remember, even though it may be quiet, doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Photo – CBS Boston

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