Let’s Put These “LeBron to Boston” Rumors to An End

So over the past few days, there has been some talk going around that LeBron James would have a “conversation” with the Boston Celtics this offseason. First reported by Stephen A. Smith, everybody jumped on the report as soon as the words left his lips. I take the blame for being one of those people.

In my defense, it was news that had to be broken. Now let’s analyze this for a second. Where did Stephen A. Smith get this information from? For all we know he could just be stating his opinion that he thinks LeBron and Boston will talk this summer. Let’s make one thing clear, every single team in this league will have some sort of interest of having a “conversation” with the King himself. Not every team gets to meet with him, though. He picks which teams he wants to talk to, and if there’s interest on both sides, something will get going.

What would a conversation between LeBron and Danny Ainge sound like you ask? I think this meeting would be more for Danny Ainge trying to feel out LeBron and see what he’s planning to do. If this meeting even ever happens, which I heavily doubt it does, it wouldn’t go any further than that. LeBron to Boston is too unrealistic and too complicated to make happen.

What would you want: A three-year reign with LeBron in charge, or keep everything together (like we should) and have a solid 7-10 year reign? I’d go with option two here. Listen, when the greatest player on the planet is a free agent, you’d think every team will do whatever it takes to land him. But sometimes, that isn’t the case. In order to get LeBron, Danny would have to send away one or two of our superstars and bench pieces to make everything work, assuming he takes a max deal. James, Jaylen, and Jayson sounds un-freaking-real, but when LeBron decides to head out, you look around and wonder, where did everyone else go?

To be clear, IF LeBron James ever put on a Celtics jersey, of course I would cheer for him. Of course I’d cheer for LeBron James if he was a Boston Celtic. If he’s wearing a Celtics jersey, I would become one of his biggest fans. But that’s IF he comes to Boston. I don’t want to cheer for him, so it’d be better if he stayed away.

And another thing, could you ever imagine Larry Bird in a Lakers’ jersey? Could you ever imagine Magic Johnson in a Celtics’ jersey? Could you ever imagine Derek Jeter in a Red Sox jersey? Could you ever imagine LeBron James in a Celtics’ jersey? The answer to all those: no. It’s a rivalry thing. LeBron knows he can’t join his greatest rival. (Yes, I think LeBron vs. Boston is still a greater rivalry than LeBron vs. Golden State.) LeBron knows he was made to beat the Celtics, and Celtics are made to dethrone LeBron.

I’m all set with what we have now. The thing that should be stressing me out the most right now should be about Marcus Smart resigning. These silly rumors are made to get people riled up and create headlines. “BREAKING NEWS: EVERY TEAM INTERESTED IN BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER ON THE PLANET!” It’s ridiculous. It will never happen. On a scale from 1-100: -1000000000000000000000. You can’t honestly tell me this looks right.

Let the rumors die out. It’s not worth the time. Boston is made to beat LeBron, not let him join us when he decides to go ring chasing.

Image via: LeBron Wire – USA Today

One thought on “Let’s Put These “LeBron to Boston” Rumors to An End

  1. Great article, now for all the realistic who don’t understand this, what he’s trying to get through to you people. The ONLY people who join a team and then got to the opposing team because he couldn’t beat said team is Kevin Durrant. Labron did go to Miami BUT they weren’t very good anyways, and it was well known that Labron had a good friend who wanted a ring. Then dragged that friend back to Cleveland to no evail.


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