Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday Review

Could you ever imagine waking up and turning into either Lil Dicky or Chris Brown? I’m sure you haven’t, but Lil Dicky and Chris Brown have. Freaky Friday is the first single released from Lil Dicky’s anticipated new album. The concept of the song is taken from the movie “Freaky Friday” with Lindsey Lohan. Two people wish they were someone else, and by the magical powers of some weird dude in a restaurant, those wishes come to life.

The song starts with Lil Dicky waking up in Chris Brown’s body. Chris Brown (who is actually Lil Dicky) starts freaking out because he woke up as someone that’s much cooler than he is. The way Chris Brown acts as Lil Dicky is incredible in the music video. I would like to applaud Chris Brown for his A+ performance in this music video. He was acting just as goofy and as awkward as Lil Dicky is. It’s funny because the way Lil Dicky (Chris Brown) reacts in the music video to waking up as Chris Brown is probably the same way he’d respond if he actually woke up as Chris Brown.

Facetiming Kanye West is probably the first thing any of us would do if we woke up as a famous person that has connections like Chris Brown does. The first thing I’d say to Kanye is to send over as many pairs of Yeezys as possible. I’d milk this situation all the way to the freaking bank. Chris Brown (Lil Dicky) raps about all the DM’s he gets (which, in reality, is probably true). I’d respond to all those girls and tell them to follow your boy @DanteOnDeck on Twitter.

The funniest part of the music video has to come after this when Chris Brown’s little girl runs by, and Lil Dicky forgets that he has a kid. This is then followed up by Chris Brown (Lil Dicky) going around and saying the word he isn’t supposed to be saying, but since he’s Chris Brown or as he said “light-skin black” he goes around saying it all he wants. That right there is genius and comedy gold. If Lil Dicky weren’t a rapper, I’d be sure he would have a great career in stand-up.

Now, imagine you woke up as someone new, but instead of Chris Brown, you turn into Lil Dicky. In the music video, they play it off like it’d be horrible being Lil Dicky, but I don’t think it’d be that bad. He’s pretty well known now, and he’s got crazy good flow. He doesn’t have the money and fame that Chris Brown does, but it could be worse.

I think it’s hilarious how much Lil Dicky disses on himself in his songs. He’s constantly making penis jokes about himself that never go in his favor. He has no filter and no care in the world. I also love how Lil Dicky brings up Chris Brown’s past in one of his lines and brings it to light. And by the way, if you don’t like this song, or any song with Chris Brown for that matter, because of what he did years and years ago, you need to let it go. People make mistakes, and Chris Brown made a big one that basically changed his whole image. He made a mistake, was forgiven, and moved on. I feel like Chris Brown haters should do the same too.

ANYWAYS, the song and video turn into a search for Chris Brown (Lil Dicky). Chris Brown wants to go back into his body, but Lil Dicky doesn’t want to leave Chris Brown’s body for obvious reasons. Turning from Chris Brown to Lil Dicky is a hard fall to take, but turning from Lil Dicky to Chris Brown is an upgrade and a half. I’m sure being Lil Dicky is cool, but having the life of Chris Brown is incomparable. After the two switch back into their own bodies by the power of the creepy old dude from the restaurant, that creepy dude thinks it’d be funny to keep putting Lil Dicky in other celebrities’ bodies.

Turning into Ed Sheeran means you have one of the best singing voices and can play guitar without any hesitation. You’d be able to pull in so many girls if you turned into Ed Sheeran. Not a bad body change.

Next, he turns into DJ Khaled and screams “DJ KHALED,” just like any of us would do. He then questions himself why he’s yelling, which is a question everyone else is wondering, too. I’d personally never want to turn into DJ Khaled. Think about it. Who sits around and thinks to themselves, “I wish I was DJ Khaled.” Nobody. Nobody thinks that.

It ends with Kendall Jenner of all people coming in and talking about her vagina. I really didn’t know how this song would end, but this is the most Lil Dicky ending to a song ever. Also, Kendall Jenner: A+ babe.

This video had Lil Dicky written all over it. The way Chris Brown was acting is the same way Lil Dicky would act. The way Chris Brown dances is the way Lil Dicky would dance if he had moves. Whenever they show Chris Brown, his face just shows genuine happiness, just the way any ordinary man’s face would look like if they woke up as Chris Brown.

It was the little things in the song and video that made it so special. When Lil Dicky (Chris Brown) runs into a bar and sees the TV say “Chris Brown runs around screaming “I’m Chris Brown,” I almost lost it. It’s so subtle and stupid, but it’s hilarious. The part where Chris Brown (Lil Dicky) sees a video of himself dunking and gets hyped knowing he can dunk is gold. Chris Brown (Lil Dicky) is just saying what we’re all thinking.

Overall, I’d give this song an A-. I’ve been a fan of Lil Dicky since before his debut album came out. He’s a very underrated rapper who will gain more mainstream success following the release of this song and eventually his new album. This song is creative and one of the more interesting songs I’ve heard in my life. It’s relatable and funny as all hell. I’d recommend giving this song a listen.

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