Celtics vs. Warriors Will Be Must-See Basketball

Thursday, November 16th will be the biggest basketball game of the season thus far. The Golden State Warriors come down to Boston to take on the Celtics, who will look to win their 14th straight game. The Celtics are 2-0 in as many seasons vs. the Warriors at the Oracle Arena but haven’t had much luck against them at home.

The Celtics and Warriors have had some classic matchups over the years. In December 2015, the Celtics went up against the 23-0 Warriors in Boston but lost in double OT. The next night Golden State would go on to lose to the Bucks and go 24-1. I still like to think the C’s played a massive part in that loss.

In April 2016, the Celtics came to the Oracle Arena and snapped the Warriors 54-game home winning streak. That was the first game that the Warriors had lost all season at home. I remember the day after this game was played, I had revisit day at my college. Having to be up early the next morning, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting any sleep. I got no sleep that night, and well, I ended up committing to that college the next day. Maybe it was because I was going off of 3 hours of sleep and couldn’t even function normally, or I was still hungover off of the win the night before. Either way, this win helped me decide my future. Thank you, Boston.

Who could forget earlier this year, March 2017, when Boston came back to the Oracle Arena and beat the Warriors yet again. Going into the fourth quarter down two, the Celtics rallied and went on a 15-0 run to close the door on the Warriors. Looking back at that victory makes me giddy knowing that the Warriors ended up being champs that year, and the Celtics beat them on their home court.

This game will be different though. The Celtics will not have the players that helped take down the Warriors in years past. The C’s won’t have Avery Bradley. The C’s won’t have Kelly Olynyk, who had 17 in the game earlier this year. The C’s won’t have Isaiah Thomas. But the C’s do have Kyrie Irving. The C’s do have Jayson Tatum. The C’s brought back Al Horford and Jaylen Brown for part two. Jaylen may be looking for some revenge this game. After the last time we played the Warriors, he may have a little something extra to prove.

This Boston team is not the same team that has gone up against the Warriors in previous years, but this team isn’t to be taken easily. Kyrie has plenty of experience going up against the Warriors. This game will just be added to the list of the classic games Kyrie has had going up against Golden State. Plus, he has the mask. Masked Kyrie against the Warriors could be legendary.

Like I’ve said before, Jaylen Brown could be looking for something to prove. Steph Curry was chirping at Jaylen last year, but now he’s improved a whole lot. Hopefully, he can be the one to chirp at Steph.

Jayson Tatum will be playing in the biggest game of his career thus far. He’ll have his hands full having to guard the likes of Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. This will be a good learning lesson for the rookie, but I’m hoping he can hold his own on the offensive and defensive end. As a matter of fact, I’m more than confident Jayson can hold his own against the defending champs. The rookie is playing like a number one overall pick. It’s astonishing that Danny Ainge not only traded DOWN to get Tatum, but also got another potential top-5 pick in return as well. Jayson Tatum is so gifted and is playing like a veteran already. I’m anxious to see how he performs in the biggest game of the season, but I’m confident he’ll give the critics something to talk about.

The visiting Golden State Warriors will come to Boston to try and snap the Celtics’ 13-game winning streak. People might say the Celtics are underdogs in this one, but I’d say otherwise. The Celtics have managed to win 13 straight games with no Hayward, no Kyrie or Horford for some games, and six rookies. This Celtics’ team is different but is not to be treated lightly. This game will be a good one. This game will be must-see basketball. Tomorrow we’ll find out just how dangerous the Boston Celtics are.

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