If You’re Reading This… Gordon Hayward Is Coming to Boston

On this day in history, the USA was born and Gordon Hayward signed with the Boston Celtics. July 4th is a day where fireworks go off and boy oh boy, have they gone off for the Celtics. Gordon Hayward, welcome to Boston.

After years and years of Celtics fans waiting for the supposed “fireworks” to go off, we can finally celebrate. Signing Al Horford during the last offseason was just a little preview of things to come. Those were mini fireworks that went off, you know, like the ones that your next door neighbors set off. But signing Gordon Hayward is like the Boston Pop Fireworks Spectacular. This signing is what Celtics fans have been anticipating and waiting years for.

Signing Gordon Hayward is just what the Celtics needed to get closer to chasing banner 18. Although that still may be a few years away, signing Hayward puts the Celts miles ahead than if they hadn’t signed him. The Celtics are a one-seeded, 53-win team that made the Eastern Conference Finals. They drafted Jayson Tatum, who will be an absolute stud, with the third overall pick, and now they added arguably the best free agent on the market whom they’ve had on their radar for quite a while. Is this team going to make it past LeBron and the Cavs? It sure looks like we have better odds than last year, but I still think we’re too weak to get past the Cavs and ultimately the Warriors.

Signing Hayward adds more much-needed scoring to help out the starting lineup and Isaiah especially. He’s a hard-nosed defender who can be another guy that can try to stop LeBron James in the playoffs. The key word there: try. Not many people in this league can defend LeBron, but adding Hayward means we have another guy that can step in and try to help out. Anyways, I’m not 100% confident this team can make it to the NBA Finals, but they still have a ton of assets that could be moved to get another superstar that will help them make it to the Finals. The best part about the Hayward signing is that nothing had to be given up to get him, besides maybe waiving a few guys and trading Crowder or someone like that.

Plus, signing Hayward makes the depth on this team much better. Both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum off the bench will be absolutely deadly. I can write a whole article about how Jaylen and Jayson will be absolute studs and the future of the Celtics organization, but this article is about Gordon Hayward, and I don’t those two stealing the spotlight from him. Another time, people, another time.

Who that other star is, I don’t know. Paul George is off the table. Jimmy Butler is off the table. Porzingis seems to be impossible to get (although talks may be revamped with Phil Jackson gone). Anthony Davis is a pipe-dream. Now that having Gordon Hayward is a sure thing, maybe Danny Ainge will finally push to make a blockbuster trade for another superstar that nobody will see coming. This is all speculation at this point, but all Danny Ainge needed was Ray Allen to get KG to Boston back in ’07. Isaiah Thomas is the Paul Pierce, Gordon Hayward is the Ray Allen, but who’s going to be the KG?

Just an FYI, this article is currently being written amidst all the confusion that is going on on social media. Where is Gordon Hayward actually going? Reports first said Boston, and by reports, I mean very credible analysts said he will sign with Boston. Now we’re hearing that Hayward actually has not decided yet on where he’s going. If the Celtics end up not actually getting Hayward, this blog will not see the light of day. But, if you’re reading this, then Gordon Hayward has signed with Boston, and I have a big smile on my face. You’re truly blessed if you’re a Celtics fan and reading this right now.

The Celtics are on the road to banner 18, but they still have speed bumps in their way. Making it past Cleveland and especially Golden State will be difficult, but they’re looking a whole lot nicer than they did last year, that’s for sure. Hayward will be beloved in Boston as soon as he is introduced during his press conference. If he helps the Celtics make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals, then to the NBA Finals, and ultimately win banner 18, then he’ll be immortalized as a Boston legend from there on out.

Gordon Hayward, welcome to Boston. You’ll love it in Boston, and the fans will love you even more. Sit down, have yourself a bowl of chowda, sip on some Dunkin Donuts coffee, and enjoy your stay. We have some work to do.




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