Thank You, Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas has been ruled out for the remaining of the playoffs with a hip injury that has seemed to be a lingering issue for quite some time now. He did not return during the second half of game two of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers due to this injury. Barring the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history, this will likely be it for Isaiah Thomas in what has been an MVP season for “the Little Guy.” It sucks that this is the way his season had to end, but the fact that he has gotten this far shows how incredible Isaiah truly is.

First things first, I’m glad the Celtics shut down IT for the rest of the postseason. Down 0-2 and heading to Cleveland, this series is all but over for the Celtics. Isaiah Thomas has been playing through injury, and much more, but there is no reason for him to go on at this point. If his injury is as serious as its being said, it’s best for him to sit out the remaining playoffs games, whether he wants to or not. There’s no point in risking further injury. I said the Celtics should do this after game two and I’m glad they did this.

Onto Isaiah’s marvelous season. He averaged 29 points and 6 assists during the regular season. He led the Boston Celtics to the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference. He made the All-NBA Second Team. He dropped 53 points against the Wizards in game two of the second round. He played through the playoffs after getting his teeth knocked out, through his hip injury, and more tragically he played through the grief of the death of his sister. Just as everything seemed to be falling apart around Isaiah, he poured his heart out onto that basketball court and to the Boston fans, and we gave it right back.

What Isaiah Thomas went through is unfathomable. When I first heard the news of his sister’s passing, I didn’t think Isaiah Thomas would play. But the thing is, I knew he would play. I believe no ordinary man would have been able to even think about playing a basketball game after such a terrible event occurring. Some things are much bigger than basketball, and family is one of them. But Isaiah did play. I don’t think he even had time to even contemplate what was going on, but he still laced up his shoes, put on his uniform, and played his heart out. He played like nothing had happened, although we all knew he was hurting.

Throughout our postseason run, Isaiah Thomas showed the world what a Boston Celtic looks like. Whenever Isaiah put on his jersey with “Boston” written on the front, he represented the great city of Boston and made all of us proud. He played through all that he did because he loves the city of Boston. He played through all that he did because he loves the fans. He played through all that he did because he is a Celtic. Isaiah Thomas is the true definition of what its like to be a Boston Celtic. He’s as hard as nails and has a heart of gold. He gave it his all every single night regardless of what injury he was dealing with. When the TD Garden chants “M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!” as Isaiah Thomas shoots his free throws, it’s because he deserves those chants. He pours his heart out on the court whenever he wears a green and white jersey, and us fans appreciate it more than he can ever imagine. I appreciate it more than he can ever imagine.

giphy isaiah2.gif

In his short time in Boston, he’s already made an impact as big as somebody that you’d think has been here for years. He’s beloved by all of Boston and has already become one of my favorite Celtics of all time. When Isaiah got traded to Boston, I didn’t know what to expect out of him. I thought we got a sixth man who can be a scoring plug off the bench. Instead, we got somebody that was much more than a sixth man. We got an MVP. We got The Little Guy. We got the King of the Fourth. But more importantly, we got a guy that is willing to sacrifice everything for this team, for these fans. That’s why we love him so much, and that’s why he’s already become a Celtic legend. That’s right, Isaiah Thomas has already become a Celtic legend in my eyes, and I can’t wait to continue watching his journey unfold in a Boston uniform.

giphy isaiah.gif

Thank you, Isaiah Thomas, for being a Boston Celtic. Thank you for putting us in a position where nobody thought we’d be in years ago. Thank you for being the team leader and the heart and soul of this team. I can’t wait to see you back on the court next year and build on what has been an MVP season. I promise you nobody will pick you last ever again.



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