Isaiah Thomas is Nothing Short of a Superstar

I’ve said before that Isaiah Thomas will be a future star. I’ve said before that Isaiah Thomas will make the All-Star game. I’ve said before that Isaiah Thomas is a legitimate MVP candidate in the NBA. He’s done all of the things I’ve said he’d do, but he still finds a way to amaze me. 53 points in a single playoff game. 53 points for a 5’9 point guard. Hey, wasn’t this guy picked last in the NBA draft a couple years ago?

Isaiah Thomas was a man amongst boys against the Wizards in game two. “Mr. 4th Quarter” and the “King in the Fourth” kept checking his watch as he completely took over the 4th quarter and overtime, dropping 29 points in both periods combined. He was a magician with the ball and was breaking ankles like it’s his part-time job. And he did it with a smile on his face, even though he’s down a tooth. I saw a sign in the crowd that said, “You Can’t Handle the Tooth,” and that could not have been more accurate. Days after Paul Pierce officially retired from the NBA, Isaiah is becoming the modern-day Paul Pierce for the Celtics. 

Isaiah’s 53 point outing is the second highest in Celtics’ playoff history, trailing John Havlicek with 54. In such a short period of time of being in Boston, Isaiah is climbing the ranks of being one of the Celtic greats. He’s broken records and become one of the all-time Celtic favorites. Who knew a 5’9 six man would be doing this much for the Celtics in the playoffs. It’s incredible what can happen if you give a man a chance. This game just shows how much Isaiah means to the city of Boston and why we love him so much. Hearing the whole TD Garden chant “MVP! MVP! MVP!” to Isaiah, whenever he was at the free throw line, gave me chills. He deserves those chants more than anybody.

Isaiah dropping 53 points also falls on the day his sister would have turned 23. You can’t make that stuff up. The way Isaiah has been playing in the playoffs so far after such a horrific event is inspiring. Isaiah Thomas said last game that everything he does is for his sister. I know she’s looking down and smiling Isaiah, I just know it.

From being picked last in the NBA draft to dropping 53 points and leading the Boston Celtics to a six-game win streak in the playoffs is awe-inspiring. This is long overdue, though. He shined in Sacramento but wasn’t given a chance to do much else when his contract was up. Phoenix treated him no better than a sixth man during his stint there. After stealing him from Phoenix, he’s now a superstar in Boston, and he’s our MVP. He’s our leader and the one that inspires us night in and night out that anything truly is possible. The Big Ticket made that infamous line years ago, but the Little Ticket is the one that carries that message out every night.

Anything truly is possible, especially for this team. From being down 0-2 in the first round of the playoffs to being up 2-0 in the second round just shows how this team can come back together in such a small amount of time. This team is on a six-game win streak, which all started when Tom Brady gave the team this message:


Like I said before, Boston knows a thing or two about comebacks.

Isaiah Thomas isn’t playing around anymore. He loves when people doubt Boston. He loves when people doubt what he can do for his team. They’ll keep doubting us and Isaiah will keep banging threes down their throats and breaking ankles like a young Allen Iverson. Isaiah Thomas is the glue that holds this team together. He wants the championship. And he won’t stop until he gets one. The rest of the NBA needs to watch out. Isaiah isn’t stopping at 53.

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