Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics Tie the Series 2-2 in Chicago

So… You thought it was over?

After going down 0-2 in Boston, heading to Chicago, and seemingly having their backs up against the wall, the Celtics were in some trouble. Many had doubts if this team could come back against the 8th seeded Chicago Bulls and make this a series. Even the biggest of Celtic fans had their doubts, including myself.

After all that had occurred before game 1, the Celtics were overwhelmed. With everything Isaiah was going through, his teammates couldn’t find ways to help him. It was a weird first two games. Going to Chicago, hell, even before the playoffs even started, Boston was being dubbed as one of the weakest one seeds of all time. Going down 0-2 to an 8th seed didn’t exactly help their case. They weren’t playing like the Boston Celtics we’ve known to respect and love. Their backs were against the wall and were deemed as the underdogs, just as these Boston players have been called their whole lives. Well, unfortunately for the Bulls, Boston is at its best when we’re doubted. Boston is at its best when our backs are against the wall. Boston is at its best when they think we can’t. But we can. And we did. Plus, Boston is used to comebacks. That’s what we do.

The series is now tied at 2-2 heading back to Beantown. Words can’t describe how I’m feeling right now. Ecstatic. Happy. Nervous. Anxious. All the above. After watching games one and two, I knew that those weren’t the Boston Celtics. There was too much going through their heads. They were overwhelmed with being a one seed for the first time and were overwhelmed with the tragic passing of Isaiah’s little sister. I had doubts. I knew if they continued to play the way they did this series would be over as quick as my baseball career (really quick). So what happened in games three and four? What changed the course for the Celtics?

Well, first of all, Gerald Green is a monster. I knew this from the moment he came back to Boston, and I knew this when he was announced as the starter for games three and four. He’s a streaky scorer and helps Isaiah soooo much when it comes to taking that scoring load off his shoulders. He’s filthy and probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reasons why we’re back in this.

Another reason is that Isaiah Thomas is just unstoppable. I really have no words to describe Isaiah and what he does on the court, so I’ll just go with unstoppable. Just when you think he can’t get any better, he does. Watching the moves he pulled off in game four and bringing the Celtics back up to a big lead after the Bulls came back was just jaw-dropping. He’s one of the best point guards in the league and can take over games with the best of them. Keep sleeping on Isaiah because he knows people are, and he keeps proving them wrong.

But what’s the real reason why Boston came back into this series? This team is a family. These guys trust each other and will have each other’s back through the good and bad. The chemistry between these guys is what sets them apart from the rest of the teams in the league. They dealt with the passing of Isaiah’s sister perfectly. They came together as a family and supported each other through everything. I still can’t believe how Isaiah was able to even compete after what happened. That just shows how tough of a player he is and how far he’s willing to go for this team. They feed off of each other and get going when one of their teammates is going off. Also, I’m not too sure what Kevin Garnett said to the Celtics before game three, but it worked. It worked for damn sure.

So… You thought it was over?

It’s never over for the Boston Celtics. Chicago blew a 2-0 lead and the Celtics aren’t stopping at 2-2. Boston has it’s swagger back and is ready to take down the Bulls and move on to round two. The Celtics are coming home, and Boston will be patiently waiting.






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