How Blake Griffin’s Injury Will Affect​ His Upcoming Free Agency

Blake Griffin did not return to game three of the Los Angeles Clippers versus Utah Jazz game last night after injuring his big toe in the first half. The Clippers would then announce Saturday morning that Griffin will miss the remainder of the playoffs due to this injury. For the second year in a row, the Clippers lose Griffin in the midst of a playoff run due to an injury.

This upcoming free agency class is filled with stars such as Steph Curry, Kyle Lowry, Gordon Hayward, Chris Paul, Paul Millsap, and the man of the hour Blake Griffin. All these superstars are expected to make max money this offseason, or so it may seem. With this injury to Blake Griffin, will teams be hesitant to sign him, not only to a long-term deal but for max money? Griffin has had a good amount of injuries so far during his NBA career, and some might say he’s “injury prone.” So far in his career, he’s missed two full NBA seasons’ worth of games. His latest injury doesn’t help his cause.

Blake Griffin is a superstar in the NBA. He’s a game changer and an excellent scorer and all-around player. Although there will be teams that may throw him a max contract offer just because, you have to think maybe the teams that were once considering him aren’t so positive about him as of this moment. When Blake Griffin is healthy, he’s truly a beast, but it’ll really affect the team that signs him if he gets injured again. Griffin is no stranger to long term injuries, so if he suffers another, his team will be without their star player and will lose out on all their money.

Blake Griffin will have plenty of options this offseason. Will he want to go where the money is or will he want to play for a contender and try and win championships? Or both? Blake Griffin will make a boatload of money wherever he signs in free agency, but that’s because of his name value. I’m sure some teams would be willing to take a chance on signing him, but that’s exactly what it’ll be like for any team that tries to sign him, taking a chance.

Who knows if he can stay fully healthy moving forward. I hope he can. He’s a great player and brings a lot to the table for a contending team. Teams will surely take a closer look at whether they’re willing to risk big money and a long contract on Blake. Maybe some teams will propose max money on a shorter contract? Who knows.

You got to feel for Blake, though. He can’t control his injuries. He keeps coming back and he keeps getting injured. He truely can help his team win, but he needs to be able to stay on the court to do so. You just got to hope he doesn’t become one of those players that lose so much time off their career due to having so many injuries.


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