Boston Fans Shouldn’t Be Too Upset About Not Getting DeMarcus Cousins

Last night after the All-Star Game in New Orleans, the impossible happened. DeMarcus Cousins was traded from the Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans.  Ironic, right?  After years of trade rumors and years of reassurance from the Kings front office that DeMarcus wouldn’t be traded, it finally happened.  The man that was considered untouchable and was considering signing a contract extension over the summer with Sacramento is finally gone.

Hearing that Cousins was traded to anywhere but Boston leaves Celtics’ fans in disbelief over why Danny Ainge didn’t go after him, especially if the price was SO CHEAP.  And let’s be real here, the Pelicans absolutely robbed the Kings.  Buddy Hield, a rookie with potential but isn’t quite there yet, two players that may be waived or have their contracts bought out, and a first round pick that will end up being outside the lottery, all for superstar DeMarcus Cousins.  Highway robbery at its finest.

But anyways, why the hell didn’t Ainge top that trade offer like he certainly could’ve? Why did Danny Ainge let a superstar that could help this team compete with the Cavaliers slip from our fingertips?

First off let’s make this clear, seeing the offer the Kings accepted from the Pelicans, Boston certainly could’ve made a more lucrative offer to the Kings.  It’s simple why they didn’t, they just didn’t want him.  DeMarcus is an elite player no doubt about it, but he’s not a Boston guy.  This is coming from a Boston fan too, so don’t martyr me. DeMarcus is a good player with a bad attitude.  At the halfway point of the season, DeMarcus already has 17 technical fouls this season.  He’s always been known as a player with a bad attitude, and his attitude hasn’t improved over the years.   Danny and Brad Stevens didn’t want to deal with a player like that and going by that trade offer, not a lot of teams did either.

Another reason why Boston fans shouldn’t be upset we didn’t get him is because he won’t sign a contract extension in the offseason and will more-than-likely test free agency the next offseason.  If Danny did call the Kings for an asking price for DeMarcus, they probably wanted the Nets’ pick then some.  Danny isn’t stupid, he wasn’t going to give up that pick for a player that may just be a rental.  I’m not saying he wouldn’t decide to sign a contract and keep playing in Boston, but Danny didn’t want to take that chance.  Even though I would rather trade the pick for a superstar rather than drafting someone this year, I don’t want to trade it for a player that might leave in two years.  Thinking long term, DeMarcus wasn’t there.  Short term he was, but long term, no.  Plus, the Pelicans getting DeMarcus doesn’t hurt the Celtics.  At least he didn’t go to the Cavs, right?

I’m happy for the Pelicans for going after Boogie and getting him for so cheap.  They did what nobody thought was going to happen.  I’m not too sure yet if I can see DeMarcus staying in New Orleans long term, though.  The good thing for the Pelicans is that they got him for so cheap that even if he does leave, they didn’t lose much, but I’m sure they’re hoping on him resigning with them at some point.  I expect the Pelicans to make a splash in free agency and bring in a player to form a monstrous big three, which will make Cousins want to stay.

Losing out on DeMarcus is so 50/50 in the Celtics’ community.  Some people are happy we didn’t get him, and some people are furious that a star we could’ve gotten for so cheap is off the table now.  To those fans that wanted him so bad, don’t kill me and hear me out.  We didn’t want him.  There is a reason why we didn’t want him.  Danny Ainge is smart.  He’s said he’s not looking for rentals, and that’s what DeMarcus could’ve just been to the Celtics, a rental.  Danny didn’t want to give up a Nets pick for that.  Maybe he’s waiting out on another star (*hint hint* Jimmy Butler) but who knows. Boston fans don’t freak out, we’re okay.  We’re still the second seed in the Eastern Conference, and we’re finally going to be fully healthy after this All-Star break.  I would like to see someone new in Celtic green after this week, but I’m not getting my hopes up, as should you.

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