Avery Bradley for MVP

Days after a stinging loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics bounced back in spectacular fashion with a win over the Charlotte Hornets.  The Celtics needed a win like this after last game and brought faith back to the people that may have lost some in this team.  Undefeated no more, the Hornets came into the game holding previous opponents to under 97 points a game.  The Celtics had a challenging matchup on their hands but handled it terrifically.  Here’s the good and the bad of the game.


  • Avery Bradley had a good night.  A really good night.  A really really good night.  A really really really good night.  Like, a really good night.  Avery had a career night, to say the least, dropping 31 points and grabbing a career-high 11 rebounds.  He scored eight three-pointers on 11 attempts, also a career high.  He did a little of everything last night, and you can easily say he led this team to victory, which is never a bad thing.  So far this season Avery is averaging 21.3 points per game, a career high.  He’s also averaging 8.7 rebounds a game, also a career high by FIVE rebounds!!  His rebounding is unexpected, but it’s what the Celtics need right now.  He’s set to have a career year, and I can’t wait to watch his All-Star campaign season unfold.

  • The rebounding still needs improvement but looked a lot better compared to the last game.  The Celtics outrebounded the Hornets 55-48, allowing only six offensive rebounds, down from the 18 they allowed last game.  The Celtics are getting their rebounding from unexpected players (Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder), but we’ll take whatever we can get.  AB and Jae combined for 20 of those rebounds.  Seeing your backcourt combine for nearly half your team rebounds is always a good thing, but some improvement from the frontcourt would be welcoming.
  • The three point shooting looked fantastic, shooting 48.4 percent from behind the arc. Avery was obviously a key part to that.  Jae Crowder knocked down three three-pointers, which were his only made shots of the game.  Horford even shot 1-1 from deep.  If Horford is hitting those shots, then God bless the big men that have to defend him.  Avery Bradley won’t have these types of shooting performances every game, but if the three-point attack stays consistent throughout the season, then we’ll cause a lot of trouble on the offensive end.

  • The ball movement was great, once again.  The C’s dished out 25 assists, led by Isaiah’s seven.  Ball movement is this team’s specialty, and as long as we continue to make the extra pass and find the open man, the Celtics will continue to be successful.
  • Isaiah had another great game, scoring 24 points and dishing out seven assists.  His performance was shadowed by Avery’s, but Isaiah continues to keep consistent and lead the offense.  It’s nice to see other’s stepping up on offense to take the offensive load off of Isaiah’s shoulder, but he continues to impress and put on a show whenever he’s on the court.
  • Al Horford had another solid performance as well with 14 points, four rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal.  He continues to do a little of everything on this team.  His presence on the court is what helps this team succeed.  He doesn’t have to score the most points to be effective on the court.  That’s what’s so great about Al, his presence alone is all we need.
  • Jordan Mickey saw the court!!!  He saw eight whole minutes of action and took advantage of that time to score three points and grab two rebounds.  Suck that James Young.

  • Jaylen Brown continues to shine in his limited minutes on the court.  He scored seven points in his 15 minutes of playing time.  He does what he has to when he’s on the court and continues to make a strong impression on coach Stevens and me as well.  He continues to drive to the basket with no fear and finish the most impossible of shots.  I love it.  I love this pick so far, huge fan.


  • The bench didn’t look all-too-great this game, combining for 24 points.  They blew another lead, which seems to be a reoccurring thing.  Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk need to hurry their asses back.  The bench desperately needs you guys back, and I desperately need you guys back.
  • The Celtics shot 11-17 (64.7%) from the free throw line, while the Hornets shot 25-33 (75.8%) from the free throw line.  The Celtics need to continue to drive to the basket and create contact.  And when you do get to the line, make your free throws.  In a tight game, missing six free throws makes all the difference.  Remember last game?  Make your free throws.

All in all, it was a solid night for this Celtics team.  Avery won’t have this kind of game every single night, but it was nice to see somebody other than Isaiah lead the team in scoring.  As long as everybody continues to get their shots up and continue to get their chance to shine, the sky’s the limit.  They beat an undefeated Hornets’ team, who may finish as a top-seeded team in the East at year’s end.  It was great victory following a stinging loss to the Bulls.  But guess what, we get a rematch Wednesday.  Buckle up Celtics’ fans, we’re going for a ride.

I still miss you RJ.

Three down, 79 to go.  #2-1 #AllAbout18

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