Draymond Green Can’t Handle the Truth

Since Kevin Durant’s arrival in Golden State, plenty of NBA superstars have had their say in the matter.  Out of all the players that voiced their opinions on the situation, Paul Pierce was the one that may have pissed off Draymond Green the most.

“I could have left Boston years ago but I stuck it out. I just feel like when you’re that close as a competitor, you don’t go join the team that just pushed you out. That’s just me personally but we’re living in a day and time where there’s a new generation. Guys I don’t think they are as hungry or competitive as my generation was, and that’s why you’ll probably see more of that.”

It sounds like somebody is a little salty…  Look, all Paul Pierce said was that his generation would never have done what Kevin Durant did.  This generation of players is more for joining each other and dominating the league rather than wanting to compete against and try to beat each other.  Paul Pierce had a front row seat to a situation similar to KD’s a few years back when LeBron left Cleveland for Miami.  After Boston continuously beat Cleveland in the playoffs, LeBron fled for Miami, where he finally beat Boston in the playoffs.  Kevin Durant blew a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals to the Warriors, then went on to join them in the offseason.  “If you can’t beat em, join em” is the saying, and Paul Pierce is just voicing his displeasure of players doing that.

Draymond Green has obviously had enough of critics expressing their opinions.  He was visibly upset and finally said what he had to say, but he said it all the wrong way.  He called out a walking, living legend in Paul Pierce.  Draymond said nobody cares what Pierce has done throughout his career, which is full of crap.  Just watch this video and tell me nobody cares about what Paul Pierce has done.  The city of Boston might think differently.

Draymond has every right to be telling people to let it go and move on from KD joining Golden State, but he needs to watch what he says, especially to those who paved the way for him.  Draymond is the ultimate trash talker but needs to learn to respect those who played before him.  He needs to respect what players like Paul Pierce have done for this league and voice his displeasure in a different way.  Besides, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett were kind of the trendsetters for “big threes.” If it wasn’t for them coming together, there might not have been as many “big threes” in the NBA today.

Long story short, Draymond Green needs to respect his elders.  The man is a legend and is retiring after this season.  Let it go and let the man say what he has to say because deep down we all know Paul Pierce is speaking the truth, and deep down Draymond knows he’s right too but is just sick of hearing it over and over again.

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