Anthony Bennett Tells Us Not to Watch the Nets this Season

We get it, Anthony, the Nets are going to suck this year.  Why do you have to be so harsh about it?  In a “slip of the tongue” moment for sure, Anthony Bennett tells the fans what we weren’t going to do in the first place.

The funniest part is nobody is questioning what Bennett said.  Who would want to watch this garbage, disgrace of a team play anyways?  The Nets have absolutely nothing going for them.  Led by Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin, they’ll be headed straight to the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, just like Jeremy Lin’s layup skills are going straight down the toilet.

It’s not like they can tank either since the Boston Celtics committed highway robbery and stole all their picks back in the Paul Pierce-KG trade.


I don’t know if Nets’ management thought bringing in Jeremy Lin, Luis Scola, Trevor Booker, and Anthony Bennett would equal wins, but if they did then this might not be the job for them.  Brook Lopez must be sick to his stomach.  Another wasted year for the All-Star caliber center.  Get out of there Brook.  Get out now.


You heard it here first; the Nets are going 0-82.


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