The Warriors Might Be Too Good

A little heads up before reading this: I hate the Warriors.

Now that I got that out of the way, I’m here to tell you I hate the Warriors. Kevin Durant going to the Warriors this past offseason is the biggest case of “I’m only here to win a ring” in NBA history. He makes LeBron look like an angel for ditching his home state of Ohio for Miami. Kevin Durant going to the Warriors is just straight up unfair. I hate how good they’re going to be because of KD joining the already super team. The Warriors were already good enough last season, as we all know. Now it’s just stupid how good they’re going to be, and I hate it.

The Warriors are 1-1 in the preseason so far, with a win over the Clippers and a loss to the Raptors. Last night the Warriors beat the Clippers 120-75. Listen, I know it’s a preseason game and everything, and these games don’t matter whatsoever, but the Warriors beat a top team in the Western Conference by 45 points. It’s not like nobody played for the Clippers either; they had their big three of CP3, Griffin, and Jordan playing.

CP3 finished with 1 point, rebound, and assist in 13 minutes. Blake had 6 points, six rebounds, and one assist in 18 minutes. DeAndre finished with 4 points and four rebounds in 22 minutes. Those obviously aren’t average numbers you’d see from these Clipper stars, but you wouldn’t think that seeing the Warriors’ stats.

The Warriors went full try-hard this game. These stats aren’t even comparable to the Clippers. Steph had 14 points and five assists. Klay had 30 points while shooting 6-9 from three-point range. Draymond had 8 points, nine rebounds, and five assists. Sell-out Durant finished with 21 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists. The scary part is that these guys have only been played two games together and will only get better.

‘It’s only the preseason.’ Yes, I know it’s only the preseason, but damn. The Warriors absolutely obliterated the Clippers and sent them back to the Staples Center more upset about the loss than when Paul Pierce announced his retirement. If this is a preview of what it’s going to be like all season long, I may just have to take a year off from watching basketball. I don’t expect the Warriors to be good enough to snap their regular-season record of 73-9, but I don’t think they do either.

They don’t need to break their own record to prove they’re the best team in the NBA. They surely will have their struggles at first, and chemistry surely will be atop of that list, but as the season goes on, they’ll continue to get better and work better together. One issue the Warriors have had so far is who’s getting enough shots. Kevin Durant was told during practices to shoot more. Kevin Durant wasn’t shooting enough, so the Warriors had to ask him to shoot more. No, listen Steve Kerr. You want KD shooting as little as possible, trust me.

Once the Warriors get going and get their chemistry all the way up, it’ll be stupid how good they’ll be. Right now the sky’s the limit on how good this team can be. The “Big 4” are all in or just entering their primes, so if they stick around for a few more seasons, they might just burn the NBA to the ground. But man I hope they don’t. I hope they get eliminated by the miracle-8th seeded Lakers in the first round of the playoffs and Kevin Durant cries off into the sunset to his multi-million dollar home with his $30 million contract. A man can dream, can’t he?

One final thought before I end this article: I hate you Warriors. I hate you so damn much.

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